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Please do not edit these pages unless you're on the Firefox team. Your feedback and comments are welcomed on the discussion page.

Firefox Weekly Development Meeting

The Firefox development team gets together weekly to discuss development status, see the Firefox/Meeting page for more information.

Firefox Active Projects

Current major feature work is available via the Features page.

Firefox Release Roadmap

Firefox Release Tracking

  • All future releases are subject to change.
  • Click the version for the Planning Center and other docs for that release.
  • The Platform version roughly corresponds to the "rv:1.9.1" string in the browser user agent and in Help > About Firefox.
Firefox version Firefox codename Platform version Ship date Other docs
4.0 Tumucumaque 2.0 2011-03-22 rel. notes, dev. notes
3.6 Namoroka 1.9.2 2010-01-21 rel. notes, dev. notes
3.5 Shiretoko 1.9.1 2009-06-30 rel. notes, dev. notes
3 Gran Paradiso 1.9.0 2008-06-17 rel. notes, dev. notes
2 Bon Echo 1.8.1 2006-10-24 rel. notes, dev. notes
1.5 Deerpark 1.8.0 2005-11-29 rel. notes, dev. notes
1.0 Phoenix 1.7 2004-11-09 rel. notes

See also History of Mozilla Firefox on Wikipedia.

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