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The Firefox Core Engineering (FCE) team ran from March 2016 through January 2018. All work on that team has been dispersed to other teams.

This page should be considered legacy.

For more information on previously-FCE activities, go by individuals listed in Historical knowledge areas. (If you're in a pinch, ask ddurst.)

This effort is establish a shorter path between client crashes and actionable data.

Step 1: in progress

  1. Land content crash ping (enables new crash ping types)​.​ [end of Q4 2016] completed: 1293656
  2. Determine how to report on unsymbolicated stack in crash pings (we want to identify what we can answer from the data we collect now, without aggregating and without symbolicating)​.​ [mid-January 2017]
  3. Scale/load test the new symbolapi.m.o (we want to know if this will serve its current function AND a future function for release users)​. [mid-January 2017] This has been abandoned in favor of a rewrite led by peterbe.
  4. Determine if we can include frame pointers on release (because it enables future steps). [end of Q4 2016]​ completed: 1322735
  5. Add support for CFI-based stack-walking completed: 1333126
  6. Re-engineer the crash handling code in progress: 1323979
  7. Add support for getting client-side stacks traces Fennec in progress: 1307153

Step 2: in progress

  1. Land the pingSender (so we can send a crash ping as soon as possible)​. [mid-January 2017] completed​: 1310703
  2. Symbolicate crash ping stacks via batch in data processing. --together with--
  3. Create "client-side" signatures from symbolicated stacks via batch in data processing.completed: 1357431

Step 3

  1. Implement clustering of crashes on the client-side, based on signatures. [TBD]
  2. Establish means of identifying top crashers in client-side data via signatures. [TBD]
  3. Enable correlating between client-side crash clusters and crash-stats-side crash clusters, via client crash id (see 1322611). [TBD]

Step 4

  1. Symbolicate crash ping stacks on the client, via (see peterbe). [TBD]
  2. Return signatures to the client, via a signature service. [TBD]

Step 5

  1. Introduce new crash ping types beyond Main and Content (GPU (1297843 and 1352496), webextension, etc). [TBD]