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  • Admin:
    • I'm back from PTO.
    • I'm going to write up more details from the meeting between Lawrence and I about relman.
  • Next steps:
    • bug 1047351 - Insert call durations in the call log database
      • Need to review this for Anthony. I took a quick look at it before I left.
    • bug 1047275 - Test ellipsis side on RTL pages for FontSizeManager
      • Need to review this for Tzu-Lin.
    • bug 1045499 - Switch call log to a 2-line layout
      • Going to work on this, ideally get a patch up today.
    • bug 1037868 - Create gaia-sim-picker component
      • Optional. Going to work on this if I have time.


  • I changed strategy on bug 1047353. Instead of creating the page, I'll modify the call log to link to it first (bug 1047356). It was annoying for development to not have this. I get to do a lot of cleanup by modifying this overlay.
  • Started a discussion with our design team about bug 945225 don't stretch low-res profile pictures. I was concerned about the code and user complexity this would introduce. We should wait before implementing this.
  • Reviews


  • Administrative:
    • I talked to Kevin Grandon regarding his email with subject "FxOS Gaia Weekly /w Tech Talk" about giving a talk about integration tests I already gave internally at Telefónica :) and as a result of that conversation he mentioned the possibility of giving talks about the architecture of applications or more specifically about the separation of the Comms apps into independent apps. Just in case anyone wants to consider it :)
  • bug 943389 - [Dialer][Conference call] Detailed contact info on conference call on group line is missing:
    • Mentoring Jorge working on this bug. I think it is worth it the time spent on this;)
  • bug 1050196 - [Dialer] Follow up of bug 1024506 - Place new call button momentarily enabled while establishing a second call:
    • Landed in master.
  • bug 1043347 - [Dialer][Call Screen] Bad alignment of information in conference call overlay:
    • Patch implementing the agreed combined approach available.
    • Review requested from Anthony. r+ :)
    • Landed in master.
  • bug 1050162 - [LockScreen] No SIM label when there is an incoming call:
    • As suggested by Anthony, it finally is a regression of bug 1018283 combined with bug 1033585. I will comment on this on the bug to decide how to proceed.
  • bug 1050144 - [Dialer] "Call ended" text not vertically centred:
    • Reviewed and ready to land.
    • Review from Anthony requested.
  • bug 1038701 - Support for ICE Contacts in Lockscreen/Emergency call:
    • Started working on this bug.
    • Included questions for Carrie and Carol in the bug.


  • bug 1026692 - Access to mute button
    • I have a WIP version for feedback from rik that has the functionality implemented.
    • I have a couple of questions around the approach and that would determine the testing direction.
    • I do think that the choice of white on light grey is very difficult to see... so we should consider asking for UX feedback on this.
    • I need to start looking for a gecko bug to work on in parallel.


  • bug 1043133 - [Dialer] Call with new taller hang up button:
    • Bug marked as "RESOLVED INVALID". Changes won't be applied.
  • bug 1050144 - [Dialer] "Call ended" text not vertically centred:
    • Waiting to Pull Request Acepted
  • bug 943389 - [Dialer] "Call ended" text not vertically centred:
    • Developing a patch.
  • bug 1052370 - [Dialer][Emergency call] Duplicate phone number when typing number:
    • Starting with this bug.

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