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  • Admin:
    • There's not a lot of demos posted on the sprint demo page.
    • bug 1038701 - [US] Support for ICE Contacts in Lockscreen/Emergency call
      • The QA contact was changed. As discussed, it would be best if Loli was QA on this so that her and Germán can talk about it.
      • <gtorodelvalle> It seems Jorge Lorenzo will be the QA contact verifying the whole life cycle of the ICE contacts feature so we should be fine. No way to test our part until the Contacts and Settings apps are available.
  • Next steps:
    • bug 1047351 - Insert call durations in the call log database
      • Review- for Anthony. New version is up which I have to review.
    • bug 1047275 - Test ellipsis side on RTL pages for FontSizeManager
      • Review- for Tzu-Lin. New version is up which I have to review.
    • bug 1045499 - Switch call log to a 2-line layout
      • Will have a patch today.
  • Done:
    • bug 1037868 - Create gaia-sim-picker component
      • Put up a patch for review for Kevin and Anthony. This is actually ready to go now and got r+ already from Kevin. Now Anthony has to review it.
      • Should we move this to Etienne for review?
      • <Rik> I've delayed this one a lot because I'll need to learn about web components and it is not critical. I think I'll delay it till FL.
      • Yeah, I figured, but Etienne may not have a lot to do. Maybe we should ask him and then decide? -> Yup
      • And btw, I agree with not prioritizing it. You still have a lot to do.
    • bug 1030430 - Call log items should be listbox options
      • Review+ for Yura.
    • bug 1037066 - [Dialer] Keypad background color changes are delayed
      • Landed.
      • <Rik> I'm really happy that we managed to fix the platform. Good job!
      • Me too. Too many workarounds.


  • Admin: Friday is a holiday for France and Spain
  • Addressed review comments on bug 1047351 Insert call durations in the call log database. Ready to land.
  • Commented on next steps for bug 911055.
  • Helped Tamara on bug 1026692
  • bug 1035763 - support 24 hour time format - is now ready for next sprint
  • Made progress on bug 1047356. I hoped to have a patch yesterday but lots of renaming happened and so it's cumbersome to change everything. Really close now.
  • Reviews


  • Administrative:
    • Finally I will be on PTO since tomorrow till next Wednesday :O Since I start the summer holidays on the 27th, I will have 5 available days for next sprint. As you know, Telefonica is very interested in working on bug 889737 although I agree with Anthony regarding the fact that although we can start implementing the Gaia part, it is highly dependant on the Gecko one (event notification and so on). Not to mention the possible regressions to arise. So, sincerely I think the Gaia part should be postponed until the Gecko one is available.
    • Anyhow, feel free to assign to me the bugs you consider appropriate for the next sprint planning taking into consideration my availability :)
  • bug 943389 - [Dialer][Conference call] Detailed contact info on conference call on group line is missing:
    • Mentoring Jorge working on this bug. I think it is worth it the time spent on this;)
  • bug 1050162 - [LockScreen] No SIM label when there is an incoming call:
    • As suggested by Anthony, it finally is a regression of bug 1018283 combined with bug 1033585. I will comment on this on the bug to decide how to proceed.
  • bug 1050144 - [Dialer] "Call ended" text not vertically centred:
    • Reviewed and ready to land.
    • Review from Anthony requested.
    • r+ by Anthony.
    • I'll ask Jorge to land it in master tomorrow.
  • bug 1038701 - Support for ICE Contacts in Lockscreen/Emergency call:
    • Started working on this bug.
    • Included questions for Carrie and Carol in the bug.
    • Icon missing and some minor suggestions included in the bug.
    • Demo of the current implementation at
    • I will ask for review from Anthony before EOB.
    • Loli and myself set as CC in the ICE contacts related bugs for the Contacts and Settings apps to monitor their progress so she can test and verify the whole life cycle.
    • <drs> See my admin update.
    • <gtorodelvalle> Ups, first notice :) Let's see who she/he is. I'll ask Jorge Lorenzo if he has any interest on verifying this bug.
    • <gtorodelvalle> OK, it seems he already is the QA contact for the other related bugs so we should be good here. Anyhow, I'll check with him
    • <drs> Thanks, let us know if there are any problems.


  • bug 977588 - [Dialer] The Active call screen does not have the option to place calls on hold.
    • I'm wontking with German on Tests. I have some doubts about the tests, therefore they aren't working fine. I have sent the brach to German to ask him some questions (more questions).
    • Only the tests are failing, but the patch is working on phone.
  • bug 1035153 - Prototype Dialer without tab bar
    • I am adding the changes that carrie asked for
      • <drs> You said before that you're going on PTO and won't have time to finish this. Do you have an update on this? We can get someone else to finish it up once you leave.
      • I have updated on bug the patch with the new changes. You can follow it, but the two main changes are done.
      • <drs> Okay, thanks!
  • bug 1044996 - [Dialer][Call screen] New hit state for call screen options (mute, place new call, keypad...)
    • Waiting for decision of UX, We are waiting for NI of and
    • I am on PTO until August 25th.


  • bug 1026692 - Access to mute button
    • Continuing to work on CSS for buttons with new sprite approach (don't need new assets from Carol)
    • Continuing to work on CSS for the height issue.


  • <drs> Please set the ASSIGNED status and target milestone field when you begin working on something. Thanks.
  • bug 1050144 - [Dialer] "Call ended" text not vertically centred:
    • Waiting to Pull Request Acepted.
  • bug 943389 - [Dialer][Conference call] Detailed contact info on conference call on group line is missing:
    • Waiting to ui-review.
  • bug 1052370 - [Dialer][Emergency call] Duplicate phone number when typing number:
    • Patch developed. Waiting to Pull Request Acepted.

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