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  • Admin:
  • Next steps:
    • bug 1054995 - Share the way to display phone, sms and email information.
      • This is my top priority now.
    • bug 1035763 - [B2G][Dialer] support 24 hour time format
      • Reviewing this for Tamara before and after the standup.
    • bug 1054185 - "Default" is missing from SIM picker
      • Got review- from Anthony. Have to put up a new version of this.
  • Done:
    • bug 1037066 - [Dialer] Keypad background color changes are delayed
      • Unfortunately, I had to back this out. I'll come back to it in v2.1-S4.
    • bug 1011601 - [Dialer] Update to use <gaia-header>
      • We got into a bit of an argument over UX here. I think it's resolved now, but Anthony still has to review it.
    • bug 1057005 - [gaia-header][gaia-theme] Unwanted transitions between button states
      • Splintered from bug 1011601. I posted some videos here demonstrating what I was talking about.
    • bug 1056883 - Single call contact info is clipped due to distance to addl. clipping being too small
      • Landed.
    • bug 1050748 - [l10n] Cancel button is not localized when displaying matches from contacts in Dialer
      • When reviewing this, Zibi and I realized that there's a deeper issue, so we investigated this and filed bug 1057619.
    • bug 1057619 - Node definition in fb_tel_index.js conflicts with browser's Node web API
      • Posted a patch for review from Jose.
    • bug 1047356 - Modify the call log user interface to link to the call information page
      • Review- for Anthony again.


  • Administrative:
    • Nothing to report
  • bug 1038701 - Support for ICE Contacts in Lockscreen/Emergency call:
  • bug 977588 - [Dialer] The Active call screen does not have the option to place calls on hold:
    • Helping Paco with the unit tests.
    • We'll ask for review ASAP :)


  • bug 1035763 - Support 24 hour time format
    • Have a WIP for feedback.
    • Looking at an alternate approach for modifying the times that might be more maintainable if I can get it to work.


  • <drs> Please make sure to set the target milestone when you begin working on a bug. I know there's a lot of stuff to remember to set, but I really appreciate it when you do this. It makes tracking things a lot easier.
  • <jpruden92> Done, I have added millestone to my bugs.
  • bug 943389 - [Dialer][Conference call] Detailed contact info on conference call on group line is missing:
    • Waiting to <gtorodelvalle> feedback.
  • bug 1030631 - [Dialer] Text not aligned when matches are more than 1 if contact has long name:
    • Patch made. Waiting to review.
  • bug 1029313 - [Dialer][DSDS] With 2 SIMs; The matching result disappears after typing in the last correct digit when dialing
    • Patch made. Waiting to review.
  • bug 1038846 - [Dialer] Once you get a contact suggestion, tapping on it even when empty triggers an "Invalid Number" message
    • Patch made. Waiting to review.
  • bug 1050748 - [l10n] Cancel button is not localized when displaying matches from contacts in Dialer


  • Absent/no report


  • Absent/no report