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  • Admin:
    • Nothing new.
  • Next steps:
    • Have to put up my demos.
    • bug 1059087 - [Contacts] No space between 'Carrier Name' and 'Label'
      • Going to work on this.
    • bug 1061120 - [Calllog][Dialer] Time duration format is not showing 'min' or 's' in 'Call Information'
      • Need to review this for David.
  • Done:
    • bug 1061149 - [Calllog][Dialer] Phone number is showed with different color in incoming/out/missed calls (in "Call info" screen)
      • Landed.
    • bug 1061473 - [Flame][Dual SIM] Outgoing call from bluetooth car kit asked which SIM card to use
      • Patch posted for Anthony to review.
    • bug 1062294 - Bluetooth commands that require SIM picker should show the Dialer app
      • Patch posted for Anthony to review.


  • Reproduced bug 1061616 twice. Given the logcat output, it could be another case of bug 1061510
  • Went through a bunch of watched bugs to close them or ask more information
  • Reviews:


  • bug 1061463 - Call log info must not reuse the string "Missed"
    • Landed
  • bug 1060729 - Handle default outgoing call SIM set to "always ask" in ICE contacts
    • Setting issue resolved(flash tool fixed it)
    • Trying for a WIP today on this one.
      • <drs> Let me or Anthony know if you need any help. The SIM picker code can be a bit wonky at times.


  • Absent/no report


  • Absent/no report


  • Absent/no report


  • Absent/no report