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  • bug 1061616 - call log is not showing recently dialled numbers
    • QA reproduction attempt was inconclusive. We should continue trying to reproduce it ourselves.


  • Admin:
    • Anthony and I were promoted to co-owners of the dialer! You can now request reviews directly from me.
      • Use the "suggested reviewers" button as it tells you how many reviews each person is currently juggling.
    • Tomorrow will be our first office hour day.
  • Next steps:
    • bug 1060725 - Audit test coverage of ICE contacts
      • Will have a patch today.
    • Will take more tech debt bugs and begin scoping out more long-term work.
  • Done:
    • bug 1060723 - Call info page isn't updated after a call dispatched from it ends
      • Review- for Anthony.
    • bug 1064239, bug 1064234
      • Quick punts to contacts.
    • bug 1041879 - Remove dead 'useNewStyle' code from shared/js/lockscreen_slide.js
      • We have a plan now that everyone agrees to, and we seem to have at least mostly resolved the misunderstandings here.
    • bug 1059087 - [Contacts] No space between 'Carrier Name' and 'Label'
      • Waiting for Francisco to review.
    • bug 1040922 - Refactor SimPicker such that it triggers MutationObserver on updates
      • Landed.
    • bug 1060729 - Handle default outgoing call SIM set to "always ask" in ICE contacts
      • Did a mini-review.



  • bug 977588 - [Dialer] The Active call screen does not have the option to place calls on hold.
    • I have done the suggestions that Doug has proposed on review. And I'm waiting for new cicle of review.
  • bug 933596 - [Dialer] Unable to switch call waiting calls when dial pad is opened.
    • The patch works fine but in this bug is needed a feedback of and/or I don't know if we can do anything for get the feedback early or what to do.
  • bug 933596 - [Dialer] Unable to switch call waiting calls when dial pad is opened.
    • I have done a proposal for this bug. I think Carrie isn't happy with my proposal. But, there isn't another suggestion. I am waiting for a NI that I have asked to Rik


  • bug 1061463 - Call log info must not reuse the string "Missed"
    • Landed
  • bug 1060729 - Handle default outgoing call SIM set to "always ask" in ICE contacts
    • Finished incorporating feedback from drs and rik. Will put patch for review as soon as I finish testing.
    • Working on a gecko bug in the meantime


  • bug 943389 - [Dialer][Conference call] Detailed contact info on conference call on group line is missing:
    • <gtorodelvalle> feedback+.
    • Waiting to review.
  • bug 1030631 - [Dialer] Text not aligned when matches are more than 1 if contact has long name:
    • Tested on ICE contacts and changed solution. Waiting to review.
    • Merged
  • bug 1029313 - [Dialer][DSDS] With 2 SIMs; The matching result disappears after typing in the last correct digit when dialing
    • Patch made. Waiting to review.
    • Changing the solution.
  • bug 1038846 - [Dialer] Once you get a contact suggestion, tapping on it even when empty triggers an "Invalid Number" message
    • Patch made. Waiting to review.
    • Improving the solution. Modifying tests.


  • Absent/no report


  • Absent/no report