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  • 2.1+ bug 1061616 - call log is not showing recently dialled numbers
    • QA reproduction attempt was inconclusive. We should continue trying to reproduce it ourselves.
  • 2.1+ bug 1065147 - [Dialer] DTMF volume is reduced significantly and cannot be increased after a call
    • Currently assigned to Gabriele, needinfo set on Etienne as bug 1061012 caused this.
  • 2.2? bug 1068686 - [Dialer] Touch tone audio error when typing any number
    • Low priority, but a new blocker nom.


  • Admin:
    • I sent out an invite for the bug bash.
  • Next steps:
    • bug 1067263 - [call log]When save two different call records to a contact, interface of two call numbers in call log show the same
      • Going to investigate this.
    • bug 1037868 - Create gaia-sim-picker component
      • Started fixing this after Anthony's high-level comments.
  • Done:
    • Did a bit of work outside the dialer. bug 970093, if you're curious.
    • Planned bug bash.
    • Sent out meeting summary for office hour.
    • bug 1068109 - Restore 2s delay before callscreen is closed
      • Feedback+ for Tamara.
    • bug 977588 - [Dialer] The Active call screen does not have the option to place calls on hold.
      • Started review, will finish tomorrow.


  • Admin : 2.1 blockers should be fixed by tomorrow
  • Looking at 2.1 blocker bug 1065147. I think it's a small typo, will confirm soon.
  • Tried to quickly fix bug 1069236 but adding some classes was not working so I'm asking for the visual spec.
  • Reviews:


  • Absent/no report