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Most updates where given over Vidyo, before our bug bash.


  • 2.1+ bug 1070993 - Entering or scrolling in call log sometimes shows empty list
    • Redirected to APZ component. Doug is going to investigate anyways.
  • 2.1? bug 1070066 - [Dialer] The call screen does not display call info and shows a black background after repeatedly placing calls
    • Unassigned. Looks like this is related to bug 927862.


  • Admin:
  • Next steps:
    • bug 1068109 - Restore 2s delay before callscreen is closed
      • Have to review this for Tamara.
    • bug 1061398 - Incall keypad layout needs adjustment
      • Have to give feedback for Paco.
    • bug 1060451 - Refactor copied-and-pasted displayMessage() code in emergency-call/dialer.js taken from dialer/telephony_helper.js
      • In progress. I expect to have a patch today.
    • bug 1060730 - Turn updateICEContacts() into a Promise.all() barrier
      • Might take this from Germán if he can't do it during this sprint.
    • bug 1070993 - Entering or scrolling in call log sometimes shows empty list
      • Kats doesn't have a device for this, so I will investigate if I have time.
  • Done:
    • bug 1037868 - Create gaia-sim-picker component
      • Landed!
    • bug 1045820 - Port SimPicker implementation in MSAB and comms apps to GaiaSimPicker
      • Posted a patch for Anthony, Francisco, Julien, and Yuren to review.
    • bug 1062799 - Call information is not updated on the fly after creating a contact
      • Provided info for Jorge for testing.
    • bug 1029313 - [Dialer][DSDS] With 2 SIMs; The matching result disappears after typing in the last correct digit when dialing
      • Review- for Jorge.


  • Absent/no report


  • Absent/no report


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  • Absent/no report