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  • 2.1+ bug 1070066 - [Dialer] The call screen does not display call info and shows a black background after repeatedly placing calls
    • Assigned to Tamara. Looks like this is related to bug 927862.
  • 2.1? bug 1073176 - [Dialer][Browser] When user receieves a call while watching a video on the web, the top portion of the call screen will blacked out
    • Redirected to Gaia::System::Window Mgmt
  • 2.2? bug 1074379 - Dialer does not always show incoming call #
    • Assigned to Anthony, but we should all try to repro this. This is pretty bad and we should fix it ASAP. There's no clear STR or even any suspected causes, so please help with that if you can.


  • Admin:
    • Propose moving the bug triage to next week.
  • Next steps:
    • Write MVC proposal.
    • Investigate unit test helper for DB migrations.
      • Office hour topic.
  • My Patches:
    • bug 1060451 - Refactor copied-and-pasted displayMessage() code in emergency-call/dialer.js taken from dialer/telephony_helper.js
      • Posted a patch for Anthony and Francisco to review.
    • bug 1037354 - Remove the obsolete references to the TelephonyCall.number and TelephonyCall.secondNumber fields
      • Landed, had to back myself out, posted a new patch for Etienne to review.
    • bug 1045820 - Port SimPicker implementation in MSAB and comms apps to GaiaSimPicker
      • (no changes today) Waiting for Anthony, Francisco to review.
  • Reviews:
    • bug 1074601 - The SIM 2 Voice mail displayed as a "Unknown contact" in dialer view and call log view
      • r? Anthony did a drive-by f- on this so I'm not going to review it until those comments are addressed.
    • bug 1062799 - Call information is not updated on the fly after creating a contact
      • r?
    • bug 1061398 - Incall keypad layout needs adjustment
      • r?
    • bug 1029313 - [Dialer][DSDS] With 2 SIMs; The matching result disappears after typing in the last correct digit when dialing
      • r?
  • Other:
    • bug 1068109 - Restore 2s delay before callscreen is closed
      • Review canceled because Tamara found a bug with this, where contact wallpapers weren't set.
      • We talked about doing more cleanups here. In particular, I don't think the background waiting code is necessary, so we're going to investigate removing it. Waiting for Etienne to comment.



  • Administrative:
    • Nothing to report.
  • bug 977588 - [Dialer] The Active call screen does not have the option to place calls on hold:
    • Helping Paco on this one.
    • Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a BT headset in Madrid which will probably speed things up.
  • bug 977056 - [Dialer] Visual discrepancies: Call ended view under conference call participants list:
    • I retook this bug.
    • Oddly, I found many issues when trying it such as the call screen not showing the call information. I just read about bug 1074379.


  • bug 1024341 - Wakeup the device after call hangs up
    • We split this into several bugs. Right now, I'm working on one of the child bugs of this.
  • bug 1068109 to restore the 2s delay before the call screen goes away.
    • I canceled my review for this because I found a bug related to the contact image. Based on scravag's email, I'm just going to focus on this portion since it fixes the blocker listed below. We can remove the legacy transition code in bug 1068093
  • bug 1070066 - [Dialer] The call screen does not display call info and shows a black background after repeatedly placing calls
    • We talked about this and decided to let 1068109 fix this temporarily and then document that settings team will have a patch for this for a new API.
  • bug 1068093 - Remove legacy transition code from the callscreen
    • Started looking at this with 1068109 applied.


  • Absent/no report


  • Absent/no report