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  • 2.1+ bug 1081854 - GAIA follow-up to bug 978639 (for GCF case
    • Assigned to Tamara.
    • Depends on bug 978639, which has landed. This is ready to go.
  • 2.1+ bug 1079810 - Empty sound writes into speaker, cause serious power consumption
    • Assigned to Doug.
    • Patch posted for Gabriele to review.
  • 2.1- bug 1082876 - TypeError: context is null at: app:// line: 84
    • Assigned to Gabriele.
    • In reality is basically a blocker, since it’s blocking a partner’s testing, even if there are no STR.
    • Cause unknown, possibly something in shared/js/dialer/tone_player.js
  • 2.1+ bug 1082139 - JavascriptException: JavascriptException: TypeError: window.getComputedStyle(...) is null at: app:// line: 146
    • Assigned to Germán.
    • We are trying to reproduce the scenario mentioned by Anshul in Telefónica creating an integration test. I have not received the results from our QA team yet. Anyhow, I hope Anshul can provide us with further information about the tests he is running.
    • It could be related to bug 548397 - window.getComputedStyle() returns null inside an iframe with display: none
    • Germán will include Tamara’s comments ASAP :)
    • Germán will include Doug’s comments ASAP :)
  • 2.1+ bug 1075699 - Calling voicemail by long-pressing the 1 button displays an error and then calls
    • Assigned to Tamara.
    • Ready to land a fix, but waiting for vendor to reply to a needinfo.
    • Moved to RIL component, but we should still watch this.
    • Set checkin-needed.


  • Admin:
    • Bug triage got moved to next week.
  • Next steps:
    • MVC proposal.
      • This is getting a lot further. I should have it ready in a few days. It has evolved in a “design guidelines” document that includes many things, including MVC, code styling, suggested refactors, etc.
  • Patches:
    • bug 1079810 - Empty sound writes into speaker, cause serious power consumption
      • Posted a patch for Gabriele to review.
    • bug 1083124 - [Call Log] Call log is not updated when user delete contact
      • Going to investigate this.
    • bug 1070050 - Dialer doesn't show you which # a contact called you on
      • Got review comments from Anthony. Going to iterate.
  • Reviews:
  • Other:
    • Had office hour yesterday. Summary is posted on fxos-dialer mailing list.
    • In a discussion with a guy from Intel about the Telephony API.


    • bug 1075699 - T-Mobile Voicemail Bug. Restarted my try run on this one as they complained I did not have the right try URL for B2G.. so, using the one from the sherriffing link that they suggest as an example for B2G.
    • bug 1079143 - BlueTooth Bug - Posted my findings on this. Still have an NI on me for this, but prioritizing this after the blocker
    • bug 1068093 - Removed legacy call screen transitions - I’m currently trying to repro the black screen that drs is seeing. I’ve tried on Hamachi and on flame and can’t seem to repro as of yet.
    • bug 1081854 - Conference Call hangup.. As of this morning, this is reopened on the Gecko side with a new patch to fix a bug that was introduced. I need to test end to end before I can land this one on the Gaia side.
    • bug 1082193 - Review for German. Commented on the fresh review. More changes coming as per drs comments.


  • Absent or no report


  • Absent or no report