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  • - but still important bug 834530 - Emergency dialer DTMF tones aren't regulated by the volume button (and are different volume from Dialer App's DTMF tones)
    • Assigned to Gabriele.
    • Landed, but not uplifted yet.
    • Didn’t get approval for v2.0 or v2.1. Needs to be fixed in bug 1092362 first.
  • partner-blocker bug 976990 - [Sora][Call Log] Contact's name still display in call log after delete the contact from phonebook.
    • Assigned to Tamara.
  • 2.2+ bug 1093364 - [Dialer] Call screen does not display call info and shows a black background
    • Assigned to Tamara.
  • 2.2+ bug 1092362 - Make the dialer use the `notification' channel for playing the touch tones
    • Unassigned.
    • Fixes a lot of really bad issues.
  • 2.2+ bug 1094878 - Call is not on hold anymore after hanging up another call even though the icon says it is
    • Assigned to Germán.
    • Regression/incomplete from bug 977588.
    • New patch coming :)
  • 2.0? bug 861754 - [Buri][Shira-48161][USSD]Terminal behavior when more then one USSD message was sent to terminal
    • Unassigned.
    • Devices team should take this.


  • Admin:
    • Nothing new.
  • Next steps:
    • Creating bugs for 2.2 features and planning our work timeline.
    • bug 1046090 - Explore if we can split Dialer and Contacts
      • Going to work on this.
    • Will look at Dialer in RTL mode and file bugs.
  • Patches:
    • bug 1095503 - Dialer tones are not sent to others during conference call
      • Investigated, closed as this is standard carrier behavior.
  • Reviews:
    • bug 1069836 - [Dialer][Call Screen] Improve the localizantion of call options in call screen (follow up of 977588)
      • r+
    • bug 1094878 - Call is not on hold anymore after hanging up another call even though the icon says it is
      • r-
  • Other:
    • Nothing new.


  • Admin:
    • Nothing to mention.
  • Next steps:
    • bug 1094878 - Call is not on hold anymore after hanging up another call even though the icon says it is:
      • Working on a new patch linking the ‘is held by the user’ state to each affected call.
      • Updating the test cases.
    • bug 1092290 - [Dialer] Callscreen overlaps conference call screen:
      • I found an scenario which requires further thinking by Carrie. I need-infoed her about it ;)
    • bug 1098455 - [Dialer][Call Screen] Mute and speaker buttons are not enabled in call waiting if first call was held:
      • I have a patch available but I’ll wait until the one for bug 1094878 lands to send the pull request to have everything under control.
    • bug 1063032 - [Active Call] Visual Refinements for attention window:
      • Paco is currently working on it.
  • Reviews:
    • I’ll track that Paco includes demos for the recent bugs I set the r+ to and which have been already merged.


  • Admin Nothing
    • bug 1078448 - Posted review for this. Got an r-. Need to change the tests.
    • bug 1066874 - Need to work on a repro for this one with the timestamps.
    • bug 976990: f- on this. I believe I have a patch that fixes this issue. I’m still testing and will try to have a feedback done for end of day today.


  • Absent/no report


  • Absent/no report


  • Absent/no report