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  • On PTO today.
  • Did sprint pre-planning.
  • Filed RTL bugs.


  • Admin:
    • It is not clear when Paco will be joining the Loop (Firefox Hello) team in Telefónica :( For the time being we can continue counting on him but I would not include him in our planifications of future work.
    • I have been invited to a round table about the Open Web at the university on Monday at 16:00. I’ll talk about Firefox OS as a success story :)
  • Next steps:
    • bug 1094878 - Call is not on hold anymore after hanging up another call even though the icon says it is:
      • Final review by Doug ready to be done and discussed by IRC.
      • r+.
      • Squashing commits and waiting on the tests to pass.
    • bug 1063032 - [Active Call] Visual Refinements for attention window:
      • First patch pushed to Github.
      • r? to Doug.
    • bug 1092290 - [Dialer] Callscreen overlaps conference call screen:
      • I found an scenario which requires further thinking by Carrie. I need-infoed her about it ;)
      • I have to think about the solution proposed by Carrie.
    • bug 1098455 - [Dialer][Call Screen] Mute and speaker buttons are not enabled in call waiting if first call was held:
      • I have a patch available but I’ll wait until the one for bug 1094878 lands to send the pull request to have everything under control.
  • Reviews:


  • Admin Nothing
    • bug 1078448 - Found a broken test in this. Reposted and got re-review. Will land this today.
    • bug 1066874 - Need to work on a repro for this one with the timestamps.
    • bug 976990: f+ on this. Spent some time retesting the different matching scenarios on this. Requested some review from Etienne on this.
    • bug 1093364: This was resolved as closed WFM. No longer working on this.
    • bug 1069499: Working on this review for peterp today.


  • Admin:
  • Next steps:
    • bug 1083731: pending feedback from QA in the US to run the test with AT&T and T-Mobile.
    • MarionetteJS intermittently runs on device now. See
    • This test is really intermittent since a couple of days, I’ll try to investigate that one. bug 1098107 - Intermittent TestDialerAddContact.test_dialer_add_contact | TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Timed out after 10.1 seconds
  • Waiting for review
    • bug 1093583 - [DSDS] Add test to make a phone call with default SIM.


    • bug 1069836 - [Dialer][Call Screen] Improve the localizantion of call options in call screen (follow up of 977588)
      • Merged
    • bug 1096916 - [Dialer][Callscreen] The direction icon is incorrect when is hanging up a hold call
      • R+ waiting for tests
      • Upload demo shot
      • bug 1063032 - [Active Call] Visual Refinements for attention window
    • Redirct to German.
      • bug 1079794 - [Dialer] [Callscreen] When you are in active call and other call is entering you can't hold and answer with headset button
    • I am working on it. Monday I will have more info. but there is a problem with tests.
  • Other:
    • I am working in a bug of other app.


  • Absent/no report