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  • Admin:
    • Nothing new.
  • Next steps:
    • Working with Ahmed and Stephany to figure out exactly what fixes we should be doing for our 2.2 RTL work.
    • bug 1037603 - Opening the dialer in RTL mode causes a visible direction switch
      • Going to work on this.
    • Thinking about what we want to get done in Portland.
      • I will be finishing the design guidelines document before we arrive.
  • Patches:
    • bug 1093862 - [Dialer]The dialer app will become unresponsive when the user ends a call, quickly presses the conference call button, and then taps the notifications bar that appears immediately after
      • Posted an update patch for v2.1 for Germán and Tamara to review.
  • Reviews:
    • bug 1031175 - [Gaia] Unify both sendMMI() and dial() functions
      • r?
    • bug 1102317 - Keypad is shifted too far to the right
      • r?
    • bug 1063032 - [Active Call] Visual Refinements for attention window
      • r?
    • bug 1093583 - [DSDS] Add test to make a phone call with default SIM
      • r-, new r?
    • bug 928740 - Add missing l10n-id definition checking to Travis
      • f+
    • bug 1093589 - [DSDS] Add test to receive phone call on second SIM
      • review cleared, not ready yet.
    • bug 1093608 - [DSDS] Add test to check which SIM was involved in the call on the call log
      • r-, new r?
    • bug 1069499 - [Dialer] [User Story] It should be possible to easily delete single entry from the call log list
      • r?
      • Waiting for Tamara to give r+ before going ahead to review.
  • Other:
    • bug 1097757 - (dialer-tabless) (meta) [User Story] [Dialer] Improved dialer design
      • Working with Carrie on the transitions and minor details.


  • Admin:
    • I will be in Portland with a couple of colleagues from Telefónica from the Smart Data team.
      • <drs> \o/
    • Is there some kind of agenda for Dialer or Comms teams in Portland?
      • <drs> Yes, I’ll get back to you on this.
  • Next steps:
    • I spent most of my time today updating my self regarding RTL - LTR stuff and also about the recommended way of using the L10n API.
    • I also evolved and commented on some bugs I had pending.
    • bug 1063032 - [Active Call] Visual Refinements for attention window:
      • First patch pushed to Github.
      • r? to Doug.
    • bug 1092290 - [Dialer] Callscreen overlaps conference call screen:
      • I found an scenario which requires further thinking by Carrie. I need-infoed her about it ;)
      • I have to think about the solution proposed by Carrie.
    • bug 1098455 - [Dialer][Call Screen] Mute and speaker buttons are not enabled in call waiting if first call was held:
      • I have a patch available but I’ll wait until the one for bug 1094878 lands to send the pull request to have everything under control.
  • Reviews:
    • bug 1093862 - [Dialer]The dialer app will become unresponsive when the user ends a call, quickly presses the conference call button, and then taps the notifications bar that appears immediately after:
      • Waiting for a v2.1 build based on v184 to be generated.
      • I will test the patch ASAP.


  • Admin Nothing
    • bug 1078448 - I’m getting some intermittent test failures on GIP:f2. I thought about this some more and I will try rebasing to see if it clears up this failure. It looks like the failure may have been fixed.
    • bug 1066874 - Need to work on a repro for this one with the timestamps.
    • bug 976990: I’m about halfway done with the tests. I decided to add bit more test coverage because existing tests only covered the delete case and I believe we need to add ‘create’, ‘update’, and the ‘null’ case as well.
    • bug 1079143: There was a thought that bug 1078448 was a dupe of this. I realized that uplifting to 2.0 is a major undertaking as there is not a callscreen_window.js in that version. I think there were some “attention window” changes in between. We should discuss.


    • bug 1096916 - [Dialer][Callscreen] The direction icon is incorrect when is hanging up a hold call
      • R+ waiting for tests
      • Upload demo shot
      • bug 1079794 - [Dialer] [Callscreen] When you are in active call and other call is entering you can't hold and answer with headset button
    • I am working on it.
    • I can’t work today on this bug like I said friday.
      • bug 1099397 - Add an empty banner to contain the favorite contacts list
    • I have sent a NI for more info to Doug
    • I think the patch work fine
  • Other:
    • I am working in a bug of other app.


  • Absent/no report


  • Absent/no report