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  • Admin:
    • Nothing new.
  • Next steps:
    • bug 1133621 - [RTL][Dialer] Vertical scrollbar appears shortly at left side of prompt text.
      • Going to investigate.
  • Patches:
    • Nothing new.
  • Reviews:
    • bug 1135067 - Name and phone number gets moved to the left once you hang up a call
      • r+
    • bug 1125409 - [Dialer] Double Tapping the Add Contact button will bring up the context menu twice.
      • r?
  • Other:


  • Admin - not much to report on dialer as I spent most of yesterday on metrics work due to deadline.
    • bug 1126368 - Landed. Asked for uplift.
    • bug 1131246 - Posted a feedback on this one. Will try and get this ready for review today..
      • this has a problem where it’s truncating the number with multiple calls when it shouldn’t be. Need to fix this
    • bug 1135067 - Posted a PR for this on 2/24
    • bug 1134961 - I have a line on fix for this one.
      • wrapping in bdi fixes the + direction in rtl.
      • The fix is is in the contact_overlay so this also affects emergency-dialer and the ice contacts. So, I’m checking to make sure it all works there. The only spot I found where it gets invoked is when the user goes to the ice contacts. This is in shared but there aren’t any other uses of this file other than emergency dialer and dialer.
      • I have an NI to Ahmed for the following issue: in LTR, we have |+14085551212, Mobile|. When this gets wrapped in BDI, we have |+14085551212 ,Mobile| So the space is before the comma vs. after. I’m not sure if this is correct, so sent NI to figure out what we should do here. If the comma is supposed to have the space after, then probably an entirely different fix that what I have right now.
    • bug 1011066 - Started looking at this. Have an NI out to make sure how it’s supposed to look.
      • This was erroneously (I believe) marked as a regression. However, not sure who changes that flag. See Comment 13
      • I have an ni to swilkes on this to make sure that the SIM should be on the left. I don’t believe this is just an overlap fix.
    • Bug
    • Uplifts:
    • Reviews:
    • New Bugs Filed
      • bug 1134961 - Dialer suggestion is not bdi (the + is on the wrong side)


  • Admin:
    • None
  • Done:
    • Nothing to report today
  • Next steps:
    • Nothing currently planned for the dialer.


  • Admin:
    • None
  • Bugs:
    • bug 1102814 - Make the dialer use the `notification' channel for playing the touch tones
      • About to re-land now that the dependencies are fixed
    • bug 1131261 - Pressing * number* then # on the keypad makes a modal window appear and disappear if you have no contacts saved at this slot on the SIM card
      • Landed on master and v2.2
    • bug 1131490 - [RTL][Dialer]The number of calls handled is shown at the right of call number.
    • Asked for approval for v2.2
    • bug 1134871 - [Dialer][USSD] Abbreviated Dialing Codes can be activated by backspacing/deleting numbers in the dialer field.
      • Uplifted on v2.2
    • bug 1135023 - Recent contact's name disappears if you call him back with the call log
      • Prepared a patch, this was indeed a regression of bug 1112577
  • Reviews
    • None