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  • Admin:
    • Messages people can help us with our blockers.
  • Next steps:
    • bug 1139310 - [Nexus 5][Dialer]The control button in call out view does not work.
      • Going to investigate today.
    • bug 1136664 - [Call log] Phone type is not set back to "unknown" if you delete a contact
      • Going to work on this.
    • bug 1139207 - [RTL] 'Call Log' truncates long contacts' name at the beginning of the name.
      • Going to work on this.
  • Patches:
    • Nothing new.
  • Reviews:
    • Nothing new.
  • Other:
    • bug 1094764 - Implement AudioContext.suspend and friends
      • This is landing soon. It’ll help us simplify our code a bit.


  • Admin - None
    • bug 1139801 - I am about halfway through this. So far, looks to be just css changes.
    • bug 1139788 - Posted a patch for this y’day for gsvelto to review. Note that I also moved the SIM (which was oddly not visible and the same color as the background) to the left side.
    • bug 1131246 - Posted a feedback on this one. Will try and get this ready for review.
      • Got some help from drs on this truncation issue.
    • bug 1134961 - I have a line on fix for this one.
      • wrapping in bdi fixes the + direction in rtl.
      • Still need to fix the comma on the localization of the comma today.
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  • Admin:
    • After quite a bit of testing I’ve come to the conclusion that the emulator-x86-kk is still not good enough for daily work, let alone for integration tests
  • Bugs:
    • bug 1135023 - Recent contact's name disappears if you call him back with the call log
      • I’m trying to figure out what’s still wrong with this bug
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    • None


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