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  • Admin:
    • Nothing new.
  • Next steps:
    • Nothing new.
  • Patches:
    • bug 1142610 - [RTL] [Lockscreen] The carrier name overlaps the SIM slot text when recieiving a call on the lockscreen
      • Going to work on this.
  • Reviews:
    • Nothing new.
  • Other:
    • Nothing new.



  • Admin:
    • None
  • Done:
    • Nothing to report today
  • Next steps:
    • Nothing currently planned for the dialer.


  • Admin:
    • None
  • Bugs:
    • bug 1135063 - The "Select logs to delete" button can be used on the Call info page
      • Attached a patch, not a pretty fix though
    • bug 1141578 - Recent contact's name disappears if you call him back with the call log the first time you start the dialer
      • Fixed, landed and uplifted to v2.2
  • Reviews
    • bug 1139788 - [RTL][Dialer]The incoming call icon is not left-aligned.
      • r+’d
    • bug 1139801 - [RTL][Dialer]The sequence of duration time, Phone number, and Call status icon remains the same as that in LTR.
      • Reviewed this but didn’t r+ it right away because the elements appear shifted in a way that I’m not sure is correct.


  • Absent/no report