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Session Title

First-Class Web Applications On The Desktop

Session Leader

Robert O'Callahan


A weakness of Web applications compared to desktop apps is that they're all bound up inside the browser and its windows. Web developers and users complain that they want their apps to behave more like regular desktop apps; have their own tray icons, launch icons, alt-tab to them, etc. See IE's HTAs or GCal [1]. See also [2] [3] for some discussions.


  • What should we do, if anything?
    • Use favicons more?
    • Multiple browser processes?
    • Change browser chrome?
  • What can we do without requiring a trust decision?

Interested Attendees

Please add your name here if you're likely to attend this session, this will help prioritize sessions and minimize conflicts

  • Basil
  • Dria
  • Jay Goldman (Radiant Core)
  • Zach Lipton
  • Sheppy
  • Sherman
  • Alex
  • Steven Garrity (if schedule allows)
  • stuart
  • bsmedberg
  • Mike Kaply
  • Javier Pedemonte
  • robcee
  • Myk