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Firefox 3 Extension Developer's Workshop


A workshop will be taking place during FOSDEM aimed at extension developers who wish to update their extensions for the upcoming Firefox 3 release. It is not exclusive to Firefox extensions, authors of extensions for other Mozilla-based software are welcome.


Here is some documentation to provide some information on the topic and get you started.

Sign Up

NOTE: Even though there may be some out-of-sessions hacking, the workshop will be taking place on Sunday, 24th between 09:00 and 10:30 in the Mozilla DevRoom. See the DevRoom page for full details on the schedule.

If you are interested in attending, please add your details below. Be sure to note your preference as to when you would like the workshop to take place. The alternatives are on Friday afternoon before the FOSDEM Beer Event for those arriving in Brussels early, or on Saturday/Sunday during the sessions in the Mozilla Dev Room. It could be that in order to accommodate as many people as possible, there could be more than one session.

Mark Finkle will be there to provide assistance and guidance on the new features for extension developers in Firefox 3. He wrote most of the documentation for this on Carsten Book, who has been doing a lot of memory use and performance testing will also be there to assist and provide ideas on how to test your extension to get optimal performance.

# Name Extension Name Session preference
1 Brian King Fotofox (and others) During Sessions
2 Patrick Brunschwig Enigmail (and some more) During Sessions
3 Dan Mosedale Thunderbird (as extension host) No Preference
4 Mark Finkle Mozilla No Preference
5 Carsten Book (Tomcat) Mozilla No Preference
6 Jan Odvarko AllPeers, Firebug (contributor) During Sessions
7 Philipp Kewisch Sunbird/Lightning (as extension host) No Preference
8 Perry Ismangil None as yet No Preference

Mozilla Calendar Development Workshop


A mini-workshop will be held by Philipp Kewisch to encourage people to develop core Calendar code or write extensions for it. It will consist of a guided hands-on example on how to extend Calendar, together with some ideas on what you could do to help.

If there is something you always wanted to know about Calendar development, feel free to mention in the sign-up chart below. If interesting ideas come up, the workshop might be extended to accommodate them.

Currently the hands-on example is planned to be a provider that parses hCalendar files. While this itself might not have practical use, it gives a good start into calendar development.

Sign Up

If you are interested in attending, please add your details below. Be sure to note your preference as to when you would like the workshop to take place The alternatives are during the Calendar Project slot on Saturday, approximately 16:15, Saturday/Sunday parallel to any session, or during the Extensions Workshop on Sunday. If you prefer during sessions and you have specific times that you would not like the workshop to be held, please also note.

# Name Special Interest Session preference
1 Philipp Kewisch (Speaker) hCalendar provider No preference
2 Lars Wohlfahrt general introduction/overview about calendar programming, maybe interface or connection of external applications preference saturday, NOT while Calendar Project or Thunderbird Event is running