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Current talk proposals for the Mozilla room at FOSDEM 2011

  • General Thunderbird/Messaging update - Ludovic Hirlimann
  • Using Gloda to extend Thunderbird - Jonathan Protzenko
  • Demos of Mozilla Messaging extensions (as part of Lightning Talks) - Andreas Nilsson
  • Instantbird - Florian Quèze
  • HTML5 APIs : The New Frontier - Robert Nyman
    • Abstract: HTML5 is upon us and it offers a wide range of exciting possibilities when it comes to developing rich web interfaces. This talk will introduce you to a number of them, show the code to use them and give pointers and hopefully inspire you to create amazing things!
  • Foundation update - Gervase Markham
  • In-tab UI (status, plans, and experiments) - Robert Kaiser
  • about:volunteers ++ - Bogomil Shopov
  • Fighting I/O: a story of Firefox startup speed improvements - Mike Hommey
    • Abstract: Cold startup is the first experience a user has from an application, so you'd rather make it fast. Unfortunately, a lot of different things get in the way, from filesystems to toolchains, even including binary formats. This talk will explore various sides of the problem, and introduce some of the techniques implemented in Firefox 4.0 and in the works for subsequent major releases. This talk will cover some of the tools developed or used by Mozilla to improve Firefox cold startup, and some upcoming toolchain improvements.
  • Conkeror — a keyboard-oriented web browser as xulrunner application - Axel Beckert
    • Abstract: The talk presents Conkeror (with a C), a keyboard-oriented, highly-customizable, highly-extensible web browser based on Mozilla XULRunner, written mainly in JavaScript, and inspired by software such as Emacs and Lynx but also vi. Conkeror features a sophisticated keyboard system, allowing users to run commands and interact with content in powerful and novel ways. It is self-documenting, featuring a powerful interactive help system. The talk covers the history, connections to other FLOSS projects, the often misleading name, features, concepts and the future of Conkeror.
    • Slides will show up in time at, see (includes short bio and contact details) until then.
  • WoMoz : Women and Mozilla - Delphine Lebédel (nominated by Seth Bindernagel)
    • What has happened in the last year? And a discussion of what is to come.
  • SUMO — How Mozilla supports 400 Million users with 4 employees
    • Abstract: This talk will be about how we support 400 Million users with 4 employees, by including our community contributors and giving them the right tools on hand. It will give a high level overview of how support is handled by one big open source project, featuring our own tailormade software Kitsune, and covering the four pillars, written docs, public questions&answers, personal problem solving, and outreach.
  • Analysing Crash Data, and How You Can Help.
    • review of the current process and tools we use to look at crash data and make products more stable. I'll also share some plans for improvements to socorro and talk about how you can get involved and contribute in a variety of ways. -chofmann
  • Mozmill Crowd - A change in how we test Firefox
    • Presenter: Henrik Skupin
    • Abstract: Mozilla QA has created a new feature called the Mozmill Crowd Extension that allows any Firefox user to automatically and effortlessly run our set of basic Mozmill functional test cases against their installed Firefox browser and report the results to our central reporting server. Any user in any locale can now participate in giving us valuable feedback on how their browser is operating in their environment. Mainly targeting the thousands of Firefox nightly testers, this extension will give Mozilla unprecedented insights on how a particular nightly build is working across the globe. In this session we will describe and demonstrate how the extension works, what data is collected from the tests and how the results are reported and analyzed.
  • Addon-SDK - Extend firefox in a few lines of code.
    • Presenter: Irakli Gozalishvili
    • Abstract: Comparison to the traditional ways of extending Firefox.