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Mozilla Foundation Weekly Priorities: August 3rd, 2020

Key Dates

  • August 4 - projected date for publishing the F+A monthly update
  • August 7 - MozFest Wrangler nominations due (more info coming)
  • August 17 - 2020-21 CMA Call for Nominations will open (application guide coming soon)
  • August 18 - CMA Project “Deep Reckonings” by Stephanie Lepp will be launched
  • August 25 - Dialogue & Debates on alternative business models
  • August 26 - Monthly MoFo Call
  • Aiming for Sept 1 start date for 2 new (non-cohort) Fellows, and Tech + Society Fellows!

What's Moving This Week

  • ED: Finalizing the governance structure for the European AI Fund; Working on engagement and outreach plan for next phase of the white paper feedback / OKR 1 outreach. A blog was posted to share more detail on the feedback we've received so far on the AI white paper. Contact Sarah W with any questions. Also working with Sarah W and Leslie Gray to launch a mana page with updates on our racial justice commitments - more info coming via the MoCo newsletter this Thursday.
  • Campaigns: Preparing for a wider launch of a YouTube Tegrets extension. More elections and misinfo content themed work – including a misinfo scorecard of big platforms, assessing streaming services on political ad transparency, working w/ comms on data access for researchers. Working with engagement on having a central online presence for our elections work. Next steps on Ring (a video), Nextdoor.
  • Communications: CMA publicity (2020 launches & 2021 CFP); D&D planning; data access op-ed & ad campaign
  • Insights: Landscape analysis data stewardship writing, design and database clean up, scoping movement building landscape analysis, Internet Health Report outline.
  • MozFest: Wrangler recruitment, Wrangler onboarding planning, prep for Call for Proposals, Production House scoping.
  • Organizational Effectiveness: Data Lead interviews; multi-year planning; updating OKR dashboard with final team H2 OKRs
  • Fellowships & Awards: Prepping for Hanan’s onboarding; Outreach for Trustworthy AI and Climate Justice EU policy workshop; Reviewing submissions for Sustainable Internet for All magazine; Setting up first interviews w/MENA Tech + Society fellowship candidates; Finalizing Tech + Society fellow contract template + MOU templates for Tech + Society host orgs; Working on program design questions for ProtoLab/Infrastructure Fund; Finalizing CMA Application Guide and Fluxx app/testing; Getting our program evaluation RFP out the door (<<-- if you’ve worked with a program evaluator before and would recommend them, please let Lindsey know); Working with Kevin on upcoming D&D focused on alternative business models; Grant for the Web application review; Publishing July F&A updates.
  • Partnerships: Fundraising campaign prep, Siegel grant support, and Fall planning
  • Finance & Ops: Complete draft of 990 Workbook, finalize RSM contract and related third party service terms, complete second quarter financial highlights
  • HR: Finalizing harassment training for rollout; preparing for mid-year performance check-ins in August; collecting data for D&I disclosure
  • Engagement: Content/Campaigns planning, PNI Scoping, Homepage IA refresh

Minutes From the Last Executive Team Weekly Meeting

  • Movement-building landscape analysis: Kasia joined to present and gather input on the approach for this landscape analysis, which aims to identify movements with which MoFo can build the most impactful partnerships in the short, middle and long term. It will explore issues at the intersection of Trustworthy AI and civil society where investment is most needed and where we have the greatest potential to advance Mozilla’s mission and theory of change. The discussion helped clarify the overall scope of the project, and how this work can address needs across the organization.

Job Openings

  • Hiring manager interviews started for Marketing Coordinator
  • Hiring manager interviews in progress for Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications
  • Phone screening and team interview stages for Data Lead
  • Final interviews are underway for Digital Project Manager
  • Continuing phone screens for Web Manager and moving to team interviews

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