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Sample First Round Questions

These are samples of the sorts of questions that may be asked of candidates during the first (private) round of interviews. These questions are intended to get to know a candidate. They are not intended to probe deeply into the candidates currently understanding of Mozilla or what a candidate might do at Mozilla. In the first interview, one wants to get a sense of the person, their approach, the scope of their experience and the potential for them to interact well with the Mozilla project. For more details, see the description.

  1. Beginning with your education, please summarize your background for us as you believe it relates to the Mozilla Foundation.
  2. Describe your management experience and style.
  3. Follow-up questions if not addressed:
    1. How would those who have worked with you describe you?
    2. How do you develop the full potential of staff?
    3. What has not worked?
  4. What is your experience with building programs in the work of your institution?
  5. Is there a particular approach you would use to involve the community and external constituencies?
  6. How do you think about technology?
  7. Please describe your experience in building an online community.
  8. What is your experience in budgeting and finance?
  9. How do you go about making decisions?
  10. Describe your experience in working with a Board of Directors/volunteers.
  11. Give us some ideas of how you would judge your own effectiveness as a leader.
  12. If you were offered the position and accepted it, how would you spend the first few months?
  13. What areas do you feel you need to develop or grow your skills?
  14. Is there anything we haven’t asked you that you’d like to share? Do you have any questions?