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Revised April 2009

This is a list of 2009 operational priorities for the Mozilla Foundation team. The team's overall goals for this year include:

  • Communications: Develop clearer messages and better systems to explain Mozilla's open web mission to a broad public.
  • Community: Work with other Mozilla organizations to strengthen and grow the Mozilla community, especially in key geographies.
  • Programs: Develop a small handful of programs that go beyond software as a way to promote Mozilla's mission (e.g. education).
  • Organization:Consolidate and strengthen the Foundation team, and develop a long term vision that clarifies the Foundation's role within Mozilla.

Please see and Mozilla 2010 goals for a broad view of all Mozilla Project activities.

Objectives for each goal are outlined below. Green are moving full speed ahead. Orange need additional discussion or resources. Red items are on hold until there is a decision to move forward.


2009 goal: Develop clearer messages and better systems to explain Mozilla's open web mission to a broad public.

  • Achievements
    • Gained consensus on a 'One Mozilla' communications strategy, making it easier for the public to understand who we are and what we stand for. Mark
  • Redesign to better communicate Mozilla's mission and provide an entry point into the Mozilla community. green
    • Relaunched and made the site much more effective at telling Mozilla's story. This has gone beyond making the site look better -- just as important we have removed much out of date and confusing content and added new content, most notably the Causes section that talks about our mission of building a better Internet. David
  • Explain and promote Mozilla's hybrid organizational model, making the link between our mission and how we are organized. green
    • Successfully ran 'hybrid summit' event gathering 25+ organizations from the public benefit tech space. (add link to outputs) Mark
    • Not a place we'll invest further
  • Update communications materials and web sites to better educate and excite the public about the Open Internet. orange
    • One Mozilla
    • People more comfortable and commonly talking about mission (raindrop)
    • Boilerplate etc.
  • Develop a fundraising and engagement program with an aim to getting more people involved in Mozilla. orange
    • Achivements
      • First steps are in progress (CRM installation in progress better internet page, donation snippet, OneWebDay and Service Week activities) Chelsea
    • In Progress
      • CRM deployment, Donor incentives, New donation page. Chelsea
    • Hired chelsea and dev'd a plan


2009 goal: Work with the Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Messaging to strengthen and grow the Mozilla community, especially in key geographies.

  • Achievements:
    • Ran a pilot effort to improve how we're bringing people in to the Mozilla community. The effort was initially focused on contributions to the site, but has recently started to expand to cover more projects across the community. David
    • Resolved several long-standing governance issues, including moving to the new Committer's Agreement, commit access changes, dormant accounts policy. Gerv

  • Work with others across Mozilla to pilot Community Take Action Week as a method of creating new ways for people to be involved in Mozilla. green
    • Helped Mozilla Service Week execution with templates and activities for participants, as well as promotion on Chelsea
    • Question about impact / won't do again or will be different
  • Make it easier for community members to organize small local events like MozCamps that allow more people to find out about and get involved in Mozilla. orange
  • Grow and connect the community of organizations involved in the Powered by Mozilla program. orange
  • Collaborate with others to develop a set of Mozilla community metrics, and find a way to regularly sample and draw insights from metrics data. red
  • Help the strengthen Bugzilla community by aiding in the development of a sustainability plan, promoting innovation and contributing to useful features. red
    • Wrote and released Bugzilla HTTP API, to allow Mozilla community to more easily innovate with Bugzilla data. Gerv
    • Bugzilla sustainability plan - how do we get to conclusion


2009 goal: Develop a small handful of programs that go beyond software as a way to promote Mozilla's mission (e.g. education).

[add in Drumbeat]

  • Develop a Mozilla Education program, including an effort to expand the impact of the Seneca / Mozilla course model. green
    • Besides the original Seneca courses, there are also official Mozilla-related courses being taught in Europe and Asia, including the Madrid Mozilla Technology Course at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, the Course on Mozilla Education and Technology at the University of Evry in France, and an upcoming class at Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering in India. Overall there are over a dozen professors on four continents who have incorporated Mozilla-related topics in their courses or are contemplating doing so. Frank
    • The Processing for the Web initiative is proving to be very successful as a low-cost high-impact approach to organizing and promoting a set of Mozilla-related development and other activities across multiple educational institutions. It may serve as a model for similar Mozilla Education initiatives in future. Frank
    • We tried to revamp and upgrade the Mozilla Education web site during the summer of 2009; this effort produced several improvements but did not meet all of the original goals we had for the project. Frank
    • We have another significant Mozilla Education initiative in the works but yet unannounced. Frank
  • Refine Mozilla's accessibility strategy to focus on ubiquitous zero-cost accessibility for Firefox and Thunderbird, accessible innovation and design in Mozilla, integration of accessibility into standard web development tools. green
    • We now have a clearly defined accessibility strategy by which to judge future grant requests. Frank
    • However our overall level of accessibility-related activities at the Foundation has fallen off in 2009. This is due at least partly to our having achieved many of the original goals of the program, and also due to many accessibility-related activities being brought "in-house" as a result of the hiring of an accessibility team at the Mozilla Corporation. Frank
  • Pilot a small scale research program that builds networks of researchers who want to work on specific issues of broad interest to Mozilla and the Open Internet (e.g. security). orange
    • This idea has not progressed much further than the discussion stage, and is currently in limbo.


2009 Goal: Consolidate and strengthen the Foundation team and develop a long-term vision that clarifies the Foundation's role within Mozilla.

  • Achievements:
    • We documented our historical donation data. David
  • Not Achieved:
    • So far this year, we've been unable to get a donor database system operational. David
  • Develop a long term vision and roadmap that clarifies the role of the Foundation within Mozilla. orange
  • Build nimble, effective Mozilla Foundation team, by clarifying roles and engaging in team building throughout 2009. green
    • Drumbeat and Mozilla Core
  • Improve Mozilla's grant making process through better guidelines, coordination and information sharing. green
    • We now have a Mozilla-internal process established to coordinate evaluation of and decisions about particular grant requests and to process and track approved grants, with participation from the Mozilla Foundation, Mozilla Corporation, and (to a more limited extent) Mozilla Europe and Mozilla Messaging. Frank
    • The 2008 Form 990 for the Mozilla Foundation will contain a complete and accurate accounting of Foundation grants for 2008 (albeit in a somewhat confusing IRS-dictated format). Frank
    • We are still working on adding a comprehensive grants section to, including summary and detail reports on all Mozilla grants (beyond just the Foundation) and information intended for potential grant applicants. Frank
  • Consolidate and improve organizational systems, especially related to grant tracking, fundraising, and internal communications. orange
    • For grant tracking see above. Frank
    • Budgeting process
    • HR and perf reviews