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This is the web page for the feature: 'Highlight actionable fields'

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1026690 Highlight actionable Fields Gaia::Contacts VERIFIED FIXED Francisco Jordano [:arcturus] [:francisco] 1043166, 1048362, 1048365 [tako][2.1-feature-qa+] --- 2.1 2.1 S3 (29aug)

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version 0.1

  • Link to spec: File:Contacts Actionable fields.pdf
  • Q&A
    • Are we going to remove the undo functionality?
    • Yes. I think undo function is the most confusing and unclear part on this page. I'd like to remove it, but not sure if there is any background story that we designed it in this way? If not, then yes, we want to get rid of it.
    • page 9, 2. Locate the cursor : Should we scroll to that element?
    • Yes, scroll to that element and I think this is the current behavior on contact edit page.
    • page 10 Transition of adding a new section: When adding a phone (section), when does appear the new one, after the animation? Also, is that new section clickable as many times as we want? That's the current behavior
    • I would say it should appear at the same time of the animation. I'm discussing this with visual team and Fang will create a prototype so we can see how does it feel and what will it look like. I'll update to you later.

About adding a new section, we can follow the current behavior to keep it clickable as many times as users need.

    • page 11, 5. Options in the action menu (Edit picture): That action menu is not from contacts but from the activity picker, since the camera and the gallery can provide photo. We cannot embed there the delete photo. We can do a 2 steps: 1st an action menu with choose photo or delete photo, and after that relay on the web activity for selecting an app that provides the image.
    • Oh no! Let me think about this one.