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This is the web page for the feature: 'ICE Contacts'. ICE stands for "In Case of Emergency".

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1026682 [Meta] Support for ICE Contacts Gaia::Contacts VERIFIED FIXED Francisco Jordano [:arcturus] [:francisco] 1038701, 1042577, 1061068, 1061069, 1061072, 1061411, 1061413, 1061420, 1061421, 1061422, 1062168, 1062595, 1062809 [tako][2.1-feature-qa+] --- 2.1 2.1 S3 (29aug)

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version 0.1

    • Q: Do we need to see the contacts from the contacts app?
    • A: Yes, cause people will go to contacts to check who to call
    • Q: Can we have more than 2? It's making a difficult design
    • A: We need to verify (product needs to do this)
    • Q: We don't have the sublist navigation model, the closest we have is the search
    • A: We'll review it
    • Q: We need to add the ICE section to the contacts shortcuts
    • A: Yes! We do.
    • Q: What happen when I update a contact, that is ICE and we remove all the phone numbers, or we remove that contact
    • A: We need to work in those edge cases.
    • Q: When selecting contacts, what happen if we select a contact that doesnt have a phone number:
    • A: We can display as we do now in the webactivities a message saying that contact doesn't have phone number.
    • Q: Looks a bit complicated the navigation to setup the contacts
    • A: We know, but is our current navigation model, hopefully will change in the future.
    • Q: Should we setup just one phone per contact
    • A: No, we should display all, not restrinct the possibilities of calling
    • Q: If we don't have connection (or sim lock) should we show an action button (means click and see the no network, or pin lock screen)
    • A: Yes we are ok with that, we use the flow of a normal call.
    • Q: What about dsds?
    • A: Use the default sim, if we have setup 'always ask', we should display current behaviour -> show sim chooser
    • Q: Can we scroll the ICE contacts so we don't show always?
    • A: We will be missing the whole point of someone else discovering the emergency contacts.
    • Q: Can we put the ICE on the settings instead of on the list?
    • A: We don't have that pattern on the contacts list/app.
    • Q: Can we get ride of the switch selecting the ICE?
    • A: Great point we all have concerns, we'll keep the switches now but this can change in the future. Here are a list of alternatives we discussed:
      • Adding a 'None' option to the contacts list to remove it: It will mean adding extra logic to the contacts list that we would like to avoid.
      • Adding an extra step, action menu to remove or select a new one: We will be introducing extra steps.