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Design Specs

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The Boot to Gecko first run experience will be a critical component to the overall user experience. The first run will introduce the user to the phone's software and user interface as well as set the user up with their Persona account, contacts, email, web apps and much more.

TU account

  • Users will be prompted to create or sign into a TU account (Note: TU is a Telefonica brand, the account will be operated by BlueVia)
  • Users may skip the account creation/sign-in, in which case they will be prompted to sign in later when using the Marketplace
  • The TU account will be used for carrier billing from the Marketplace

Types of mobile phone users

  • Brand new phone user: never owned a mobile phone before
  • New smartphone user: previously owned a feature phone
  • Existing smartphone user: previously owned a smartphone

User Contacts scenarios

Group A
  • Brand new phone user - no previous phone contacts
  • Brand new phone user - no phone contacts, but has contacts in a separate online service (email/social network/etc.)
Group B
  • New smartphone user - previous feature phone contacts on device
  • New smartphone user - previous feature phone contacts on SIM
  • New smartphone user - feature phone contacts (SIM/device) and online services with contacts
Group C
  • Existing smartphone user - previous smartphone contacts
  • Existing smartphone user - previous smartphone contacts + contacts in online services
Group D
  • Multi-device user - imports contacts info from device A to device B and wants them to be in 'sync'

Gaia v1 Requirements

  • Welcome screen to the "Firefox OS Experience" (name will change)
  • Language selection with default set per region/country
    • Portuguese (Brazil) [default]
    • Spanish (LatAm)
    • English (US)
  • Users are asked to setup their WiFi connection
  • Sign-up/Create Telefonica account
  • User EULA/ToS/Privacy policy and other legal language
  • Opt in to send 'performance data' to Mozilla to improve our product
  • Gaia interface walk-thru - 3 key things we want all users to be aware of (these are example, we can update the key messages here)
    • Import Contacts from online services (to be defined)
      • Copy contacts from SIM card (option)
    • Orient users on the Home Screen and the Card view
      • Gestures and Date/Time setup (if not automatic)
    • Introduce users to the Marketplace to download/buy more apps
    • Option to 'Skip' this walk-thru

Gaia v2 Requirements

  • Location based settings is something to consider (security model implications here?)
  • Telemetry opt-out for entire B2G stack
  • Birthday/age requirement for Apps (EULA related or move this to the Marketplace app flow?)