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We want to get e-mail services to support WebAPI/SimplePush. It's a very simple API; we just need to get the e-mail server to hit a specified URL with a PUT and a small application/x-www-form-urlencoded payload.


For IMAP servers, the potential ways to standardize are to introduce a new capability (ex: XPUSHHTTPURL or other made-up name), or extend the sieve's languages enotify spec to support a "http-put" (or other made-up name) to hit a URL.

It's probably best to consult with the IMAP server people first to see what they think would be the best way to address the problem.

Open Source Implementations

Popular options that are known to be under active development:

There are other servers out there too. is a nice table, but be aware that just because something is listed there doesn't mean it's being actively developed