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Design Specs

For the latest UX specifications, please visit:



Move through frequencies

  • One step up or down (0.1 Mhz steps)
  • Go to next available radio station up or down (availability is done based on signal strength)

Radio Station

  • Add current/selected frequency to radio station list


  • Users can select a radio station as a favorite one, favorites are sorted by frequency
  • User can remove a radio station from the favorite ones
  • Users should have an easy and fast way to select a radio station in the list so it can be automatically played

On/Off or Play/Stop

  • Users should be able to switch on/off radio receiver
  • Without antenna plugged in (usually headset) there is no way to

switch-on the radio FM

  • Users should be able to select the phone speaker for sound out (as

usually headset is the antenna and with headset plugged-in, the headset is the sound out device by default).


  • The radio frequency currently used should be displayed to the


  • If the frequency corresponds to an item in the station list, it should be also displayed to the user


User can...

  • Scan all available radio stations and add them to the list


Source code on Github