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Design Specs

For the latest UX specifications, please visit:


The Lock Screen’s primary function is to prevent accidental or insecure device access by forcing manual input(s) to access full functionality.


  • User can view date and time
  • User can make emergency calls (with or without SIM)
  • User can unlock their device (eg: slide gesture upwards)
    • User can require a 4-digit PIN entry in order to unlock device.
      • Repeated failed attempts to unlock phone can result in timed lock-downs (eg: device locks for 5 minutes after 3 failed attempts, and for 1 day after 6 failed attempts, etc)


  • User can set background image
  • User can review single notifications as they arrive. Each displaying (as per Notifications spec):
    • Icon
    • String 1 (eg: sender app)
    • String 2 (eg: notification content)
    • Time stamp
  • User can dismiss notifications.
  • User can directly access certain functions from lock screen
    • Camera
    • Phone
    • Messaging
    • Music
      • Transport controls: Play, Pause, Stop, Next track, Prev track
      • Device controls


  • User can review notifications in more sophisticated ways:
    • Multiples simultaneously
      • Grouped: chronologically, or by sender app (eg: multiple missed SMS messages grouped together)
    • User configurable stances: Alert or Passive
    • User actionable: with inputs for quick access to the issuing app