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  • Trond (Trond Werner Hansen), New York: working on UX for gaia
  • benfrancis (Ben Francis), England: developer on gaia frontend
  • bsterne (Brandon Sterne), MV: security liason for b2g
  • philikon (Philipp von Weitershausen), SF/MV: b2g team, lurking in gaia
  • limi (Alexander Limi), SF, head of FF UI team
  • gal (Andreas gal), MV, b2g
  • cjones (Chris Jones), LA, b2g
  • (Patryk wasn't able to dial in)

Current Gaia status

  • In sprint mode. Worry about basic function, less about polished UX/UI. Shamelessly copying along the way.
  • Web browser (benfrancis): basic functionality, ran into limitations
  • Camera/gallery (benfrancis): planning
  • Dialer (vingtetun): In a good state. No outgoing call UI or incoming call UI.
  • SMS (vingtetun): Most complete application. Has a conversation summary view, and per-conversation detailed view.
  • Contacts (vivien): basic functionality, limited by API availability.
  • Home screen: focused on perf. Basic grid of icons model with a status bar.
  • Lock screen: basic functionality, date/time display with notifications.
  • Back button behavior: avoid navigating back when home screen would be the target

UX Team

  • Analyzing interaction design.
    • figure out what works in other OSes, what doesn't (e.g. back behavior)
  • Quick round of icons (Patryk). Very early stage.
  • Looking at convention designs first. But also look at more exotic, refreshing designs

Working with gaia

Collaboration between UX and frontend teams

Round table

  • Security reviews
    • Three teams with overlapping goals: WebAPI (new DOM APIs), B2G (OS support), Gaia (user interface). Each will have separate meetings.
    • Work and priorities are tracked from B2G/Roadmap
  • Ben likes to use story cards (e.g. Limi says UX team uses similar tools.