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  • Donovan Preston has joined the Gaia team starting this week. Welcome Donovan!


Status updates

  • benfrancis
  • jgriffin
    • discussion of continuous integration: desktop build vs emulator
    • setting up auto-merge from gaia to B2G, a few things needed:
      • m-c merged into cgjones/mozilla-central and updated in B2G to pick up fix for bug 734314
      • commit permissions for 'b2gautomation' in B2G repo
    • what's the best way to debug failures in Gaia tests/apps?
  • djf
    • Still working on window manager cleanup
    • I've got something almost ready to go, but have discovered that my changes break all the tests that were relying on particular WindowManager API... So now I'm working on a test framework cleanup
  • justindarc
    • Committed new, lightweight version of Pushpop UI transition library
      • Integrated it with the Settings app as an example on how to integrate it within an app
      • Removed all of its dependencies (e.g. jQuery, etc.)
      • Awaiting pull request review
  • etienne
    • Full integration of the mozContacts API
    • Lots of polishing for the dogfood milestone
    • Working to get the tests to run on other computers than mine ;)
  • UX (Josh, Patryk)
    • Define timeline
    • Define requirements
    • Define resources, roles, responsibilities
    • Define priorities
    • Establishing break out teams, and communication channels (eg: w/ Marketing, Apps, etc)
    • Work week possibility
  • QA (John, Geo)
    • Onboarding Geo
    • Currently testing dogfooding (2.1) B2G release and beginning strategy for upcoming
    • define timeline/requirements/test plan
    • Committed Gaia test
  • Product (clee)
  • donovan
    • Hello, joining b2g/gaia this week