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Status updates

  • benfrancis
    • Finished refactoring browser UI with two toolbar design from UX
    • Starting work on storing browser history
    • Gave a talk about B2G at Cambridge Geek night, got a fantastic response and lots of great questions from the audience. People really get the idea behind the project and are impressed with the progress so far.
  • mdas
    • Still waiting on datazilla for performance metrics support. Once we have this, I can push out a patch for supporting perf tests, and our CI can automatically submit perf data.
    • Working on getting touch events into marionette. Not as easy has we had thought.
    • Bug fixing (iframe/nav)
  • djf
    • Finally finished pinch-to-zoom gestures for the gallery. Just found a panning bug to fix :-(.
    • Worked with dougt to ensure that the media storage API will have SD card support
    • I'm trying to catch up with the architectural changes that have been going on while I wasn't paying attention.
    • I'll probably go back to working on homescreen stuff once Vivien completes his refactoring. But I'm available for other assignments.
  • justindarc
  • etienne
    • UI Library work
    • Service/app communication poc
    • Attention screen for the dialer (receiving a call without switching to the dialer app) (WIP)
  • kazé
  • fzzzy (donovan)
  • Andrew sent me some tcpsocket tests, both passing and failing
  • Finally fixed the failing test which had to do with connecting to a socket which is not listening
  • timdream
  • lightsofapollo (James Lal)

Working on JS client for marionette. discussions around test-agent. Picking up calender app next week.

  • asuth (Andrew Sutherland) as of 5/1
    • Have non-persistent message retrieval working in a console.log type of way for an explicitly chosen folder. A bunch of the logic for persistence is there, but I'm holding off on that until initial UI hookup.
    • Libraries are now at and being built into a stand-alone JS file for use in the UI; hookup is happening now, there may still be some glithces
    • Next step is the aforementioned UI hookup and filling out the account and folder lists.
  • UX (Josh, Patryk, Casey, Larissa)

Patryk: Finished Latest Drafts of: Music, Videos and Dialer (coming EOD) specs Larissa: Browser Start Page & Tabs and first draft of Settings Casey: New Mail and SMS drafts posted, working with tim on kb, App to App communication tracking Gaia/System/Activities

  • Pavel
    • Test and researches for responsive ui
    • Finish first draft of Responsive UI
  • QA (John, Geo)
  • Product (Chris Lee)
  • WebAPIs

Platform/2012-Q2-Goals#WebAPI Please review what we are building Look at the specs, comments always welcome (well, usually)