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  • Great work week! Thanks to all attendees and their great work!
  • Dietrich to take over the Gaia and B2G team meetings on Tuesdays (with help from Kevin Hu).
  • Please do not book anything for the next work-week. Your managers will discuss who from your teams should attend the next work-week.
  • Looking for volunteers to work on the "Radio" application. Is someone already working on this already?


Status updates

  • benfrancis
    • Worked on Global History storage in IndexedDB for browser app
    • Lots of great discussions at the work week about security, Open Web Apps and UX
    • Now cleaning up (hacky) history UI code and working on frecency/top sites
    • Need to merge with daleharvey's tab implementation
  • mdas
    • mostly bugfixing
    • Getting the perf data database is harder than I thought: Datazilla dev is swamped with implementation changes he needs to do before he can open it up for us to use. Current estimate to getting a development db: Thursday. Won't get production machines until is done
  • djf
    • beginning camera/gallery work.
    • anyone else seeing orientation and video performance problems on Nexus S?
    • I managed to build an flash my nexus S without Linux (on my mac) using the new B2G repo and build system!
  • justindarc
  • etienne
  • Sensors work (light, proximity)
  • WebActivities (still lots to do, but working with Fabrice directly was great)
  • kazé
• ironed the wifi settings (no more « scanning forever » bug)
• got the 3G working, w/ help of :jaoo
• started to revamp / restyle the Settings app
• spent a day (!) with the Mozilla l20n team to ensure we’re both following compatible goals
  • Vivien
- Homescreen
- Discussed with Telefonica about having them using the Gaia repo
- Spend most of my time discussing APIs...
  • fzzzy (donovan)
    • Workweek
    • Honza provided his r- on the TCPSocket patch on monday (yesterday)
    • Will be working on TCPSocket this week
  • timdream
    • Decided the keyboard feature and requirement with Telefonica and UX. Formulated a plan to get there from current code base.
    • Investigated spell check algorithm. Hook up Typo.js to the keyboard -- first step toward the predictive text feature of the keyboard.
    • Lockscreen impl.
  • This week:
    • keep working on spell check on keyboard
    • Trying to understand the overall code in b2g chrome
  • Rudy Lu
 1. Review/discuss the keyboard recommendation spec with Tim to prioritize the tasks.
 2. Go on implementing the improvements on keyboard.
 3. Check how to populate settings DB for issue #1386, missing global icon when enabling 2nd keyboard layout.
  • Ian Liu (Alarm/Clock)

- Build up developer environment for B2G and be familiar with GitHub. - Follow and survey webAPI of alarm/clock feature. - Doing a lightly demo and feasibility study with translate3D-animation for UX design for world clock display.

  • Dominic (dkuo)

- Developing environment setup (B2G, Gaia, Github...) - Look through the wiki for Music App requirements. - Contact Donovan and know about the current state of Music App.

  • Steve Chung (SMS/MMS)
 -- B2G environment setup.
 -- Study Gaia SMS app spec and trace source code.
 -- Survey MMS webAPI spec.
  • lightsofapollo (James Lal)
    • Working on calendar db storage / event based rendering.
    • Finalizing running unit tests inside of their domain from a

central location. In final testing will land this week.

    • Trying to hand off some device autoamtion work to Geo

going to try to get basic touch events ported to marionette js client.

  • asuth (Andrew Sutherland)
    • SMTP hook-up in process; probing account works, hoping to have sending working by Weds with UI exposure by Thurs
    • Lost a lot of time last week to trying to be able to flash the dev phone with MozTCPSocket; internet/build tree/VM snafus.
  • UX (Josh, Patryk, Casey, Larissa, Frank)


   Consolidating conversations from last week into new specs, new priorities.
   Starting to work hand in hand w/ TF UX


   80%: Browser, Camera, Calendar, Contacts, Dialer, Email, Gallery, Home, SMS
   50%: Music, Video
   0%: Clock, Radio
   Coms apps: integrated vs modular
   Homescreen: new specs coming for Cards
   Updates: need input on app updates (will send email)
   Landscape orientation support: v1 limited to Camera, Gallery, Video, Browser
   Working w/ TF to finalize spec.
   Pinged webAPI people for "badges" support
   Building blocks: locking down and working towards Friday
   Flexible UI: locking down and working towards Friday
   Visual design: Working towards Friday May 25 major deliverable
   Github: evaluating GitHub as a communications tool
   Wiki: latest specs will always be there
   TF: starting to work "seamlessly" with them. Details TBD.


Apps Install

   Josh + Maria to work on, in context of Marketplace conversations
   Almost complete (home screen feature). Need to confirm agreement.
   Function could also be added to centralized Settings app, ala Android)
   Josh + Maria to work on, in context of Marketplace conversations
   Josh to summarize findings from work week, ask for additional info, and put forward proposal
   Close to complete soluton. Josh to wireframe and propose
   Almost complete (home screen feature). Need to confirm agreement.
   Maria owns. Will connect w/ Marco
   Casey and Ayman / Carlo to work together
   Have tentative flow
   er on details
   Sharing + Selecting are primary use cases for v1.
   Active Sync (Email / Calendar)
   Activesync needs to be prioritized for v1.
   IMAP and CalDAV implementation is underway.
   Casey to sync with Chris Lee on this for v1.
   Battery Life
   Consumption Control
   We have a few instances of this (eg: deferred download)
   Casey & Ricardo to review more ambitious implementations.
   Nothing UX related has been discussed. 
   Ricardo to check determine control and monitoring in Notifications tray.
   File Management
   Casey + Frank on it. Working with David Flanagan, Jonas, and Vivien. 
   And how it feeds into apps (Music, Video, Photos).
   First Run Experience
   TF to take first pass. With input from Maria, Larissa and Josh.
   Flexible UI
   Have a draft implementation (flexible + resolution independent)
   Casey to evaluate against original briefs by Josh and Patrick.
   Ask Gordon Brander for input?
   Hardware recommendations
   Marco to verify recommendations set forth by Josh
   Update requirement to include camera — Josh
   physical button preferred for 'home' button
   Josh to spec specifics of Mozilla approach
   Stress need to prototype home screen cards concept on actual device.
   Larissa working on with Maria & Ricardo
   Indicators (volume, error, etc)
   Josh & Ricardo will outline
   Keyboard & Type
   Landscape orientation support
   v1: Camera, Gallery, Video, Browser
   v2: Everything else (evaluate case by case)
   Localization & Internationalization
   Casey has 
   Larissa to go through the Settings implementation and communicate a draft outline to the devs.
   Portugese, English, Spanish
   Full TF + Moz agreement.
   Fork on Notifications tray details. 
   Need to make badges a priority for v1. — Josh
   Update TF/Moz joint specs (NEED OWNER FOR THIS TASK)
   Casey and Ricardo to define baseline performance expectations
   We can review what we already have.
   Test demanding UI conventions (eg: homescreen cards concept).
   PIN lock on screen
   SIM lock 
   Do Not Track — Larissa. Currently used by 12 sites, in the world.
   Antonio (TF)
   Check Remote wipe  v2+
   Data recovery v2+
   Josh to follow up with Lucas
   Josh to loop in ricardo
   Need to nail down settings for individual apps
   Larissa to tackle Browser settings.
   Larissa + Marco to hammer out specifics of system tray
   Social integration
   System Updates
   Distinction made between Gecko update, and OS update.
   No UX design needs as of yet.
   Josh to email Chris Jones & Andreas to confirm, + CC Ricardo.
   Building blocks
   Josh to take first pass, TF and Mozilla in general consensus
   Carlo and Josh to sync up on specifics
   how building blocks get arranaged
   Design and development implementation plan
   Josh, Casey
  • Visual design (Patryk)
   Solidify layout by May 25th (TF deadline)
   Have a first solid pass on all apps complete (layout & styling)
   Create (first draft) common control spec based on interaction design patterns / building blocks provided by Josh this week
   Create first pass on action icons > requirements from interaction design flows provided by Josh this week
  • Pavel
      • Finish responsive layout tests (Work Week)
      • Made some prototypes for settings screen (Work Week)
      • Made a home screen prototype with Telefonica (Work Week)
  • QA (John, Geo)

Work week follow up - consolidating UX and requirements (Moz, TF) to dashboard and actionables for test.

    • now tracking features for Gaia (all milestones):; between John H. (Moz) and Massimo Barone (TF)
    • we need a way to know when features are landing so that we can begin testing them. Any ideas on this?
    • we are also responding to comments about how we can improve our bugwriting. What do you need from us?
  • Product (Chris Lee)
    • Updating product requirements based on new updates from the work week/partners
    • Met with the privacy/legal team on their 'requirements' -- reviewing those right now
    • Met with our customer support team to identity roles/responsibilities (tier1-3 support)
    • First-run experience owner?
    • Localization requirements for v1:
      • Portuguese (Brazil)
      • Spanish (LatAm)
      • English (US)
    • K9O and Basecamp questions - feel free to ping me
  • WebAPIs