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  • Communication changes: this meeting is now project-centric instead of person-centric. Please fill out the status of your app below! We'll go over the list of apps shipping in V1, and both UX and developers can give updates.
  • Note: public holidays in the UK Monday & Tuesday (4th & 5th)


Action Items from Last week

  • Carry-over: Dietrich will get FM Radio specs from TF UX PM
  •  ? - UX needs details about software update. Josh is digging into it.
  •  ? - UX needs badging ability. Josh is going to file a bug in Bugzilla.
  • Carry-over: QA: Need to know when features have landed. Starting this week, Dietrich and Kevin will keep the Smoketest column in the M3 spreadsheet up to date.
  • Carry-over: Dietrich will ping Ricardo about ux for this. Maybe Josh knows? - Nope... can't recall what this was :p [Josh]

Status Updates

Firefox Browser (Ben, Dale, Larissa)

   Context menu is in review -
   setVisible merged -
   Still intemittent bug on getScreenshot -
   all the above are probably useful for System / Homescreen as well
   Swipe gestures for closing tabs, animation for creating tabs in progress
   More work on GlobalHistory implementation (including unit tests!) landing soon
   Up to date Browser API requirements on wiki
   Browser app progress being tracked on a spreadsheet with linked Github issues
   [Tim] Keyboard vs bug can be fixed by but is blocked by

Camera (DJF, Frank)

   Waiting on the camera API.  I don't actually know the bug number... Should check on its status.

Calendar (James, Frank)

   New contributor looking ot help out. Going to itemize remaining items and put them into issues on github.
   [hernan] Dan and I contacted James, will start working on this (contributors)

Clock (Ian, ?)

   [Ian] Implement a prototype layout for alarm feature and integrate with WebAPI of alarm if ready.
   [Ian] Plan to have a conception of hour/minute increments widget.
   [Josh] Have connected Frank & their team. Ideally will have someone from TF UX side involved as well.
   [Josh] Tim is exploring how we surface this on Lock Screen (has posted to dev-gaia).
   [Tim] should be done by "attention screen", 
   [hernan] Some mockups in the making by Federico

Contacts (Etienne, Josh)

   Favorites landed
   No progress on the new UI yet
   [Josh] extensive documentation is available from Telefonica, within their "Coms" app. Currently at 

Dialer (Etienne, Josh)

   No progress on the new UI yet

Email (Andrew, Nekr, Casey)

   rewritten UI workin': (not trunk, just an example from a recent checkout, needs more recent firefox, click the fake account button, not real ones).  Code lives on for now, until we land.
   backend progress: persistence logic unit tests passing, next up is sync unit tests with actual IMAP server, IMAP mutations
   checked top mail services in Brazil, nearly all support IMAP AFAICT
   overall status: IMAP can show mails (no persistence, very soon), compose can create and send mails
   dependency: MozTCPSocket still needs to complete review and land before we land, at least if we want anything useful happening.  We are not blocking on this yet; want the persistence working.

FM Radio (Pin, TF)

   Posted the API proposals to the forum, discussed with public and got some comments.
   Implemented  most of the interfaces except the antenna part (galaxy-s2, Si4709 fm chip). Here are my working branches:
   [Josh] Same comments as per Clock: have connected them w/ Frank Lee, and would like to also have someone from TF UX involved.

Gallery (David, Frank)

   Device Storage has landed, but I can't get it working yet, so not making much progress on this yet.

Home (Vivien, Josh)

Lock Screen (Tim, Josh)

   Reviewed UX spec on what needs to be done
   Working on it right now, not pull req yet
   Confirmed with Vivien and Etienne on "attention screen"

Marketplace (Cvan, Krupa, Maria)

   Ben helping, app is blocked on
   [Tim] Marketing in Taipei would really love to see this works, also the ability to install apps directly from browser
   [Josh] Maria is in Europe until June 10. Will be partially back online approx June 4.
   Bug tracking this:

Music (Dominic, DJF, Frank)

   [Dominic] First UI prototype is landed. (Refined pull request #1447 which base on Tim and Donovan's comments).
   [Dominic] List View -> Player View (Play controls are not ready)
   [Dominic] Started to reorganise the JS code into module pattern or constructor function.
   [Dominic] Discussed with Donovan of OGG and MP3 metadata parsing library.

SMS & MMS (Steve Chung, Casey)

   ** Pull request #1472 : SMS/MMS Inbox layout.
   ** Pull request #1472 : Messages edit and delete functionality.
   ** Empty inbox layout.
   ** Message search functionality implementation.
   [Josh] Will also need to work with Telefonica on this. They have designed their own SMS app within Coms app, and also 

Video (DJF, Frank)

   Waiting on device storage API.  The bug about video messing up orientation has been fixed, I think.


   Activities (Etienne, Casey)
   First working demo implementation in Gaia \o/
   New version of the API coming on the platform side, will update the pull request when it's ready
   ActiveSync (Asuth)
   Not being worked yet; need help.  Current plan is potential new-hire.
   App: Install (Tim, Josh, Dan)
   App: Permissions (Tim, Josh, Ricardo)
   App: Management (Vivien, Josh, Carlo, Dan)
   App: Updates (Tim, Josh, Ricardo)
   App: Uninstall (Vivien, Josh, Ricardo)
   App: Reinstall (?, Maria, Josh)
   Bluetooth File Transfer (Kyle, Casey, Marco)
   UX Building Blocks (Etienne, Pavel, Josh, Frank)
   Consumption Control (devs?, Casey, Carlo, Rafael)
   Date, Time, Time zones & Number formats (Vivien, Casey, Ricardo)
   File Management (DJF, Casey, Frank)
   First Run Experience (Tim, Maria, Josh, Larissa, Carlo, Ricardo)
   Flexible UI (Pavel, Etienne, Arnau, Casey)
   First round of review of Pavel's work
   I think there are still open question about what we're trying to achieve
   Hardware Recommendations (Larissa, Josh, Marco)
   Identity (Francisco, Fernando, Larissa)
   Larissa: will have a proposal by end of next week, still a lot of details to confirm wiht the Identity team (June 8) 
   Keyboard & Text-Handling (Rudy, Tim, Casey, Ricardo, Yuan, Wenbin)
   Yuan porting google pinyin of android to the Chinese pinyin IME.
   Tony filing several new bugs
   * Rudy
   ** Added 2 keyboard layouts, Spanish-Latin America and Portuguese-Brazil - just sent the pull request #1512.
   ** Will make symbol layouts localized for each keyboard layout.
   ** Will start implementing predictive text (check Indexed DB performance first).
   Wenbin: Japanese layout and input
   Wenbin: Pending syllables can be highlighted in some situations
   Wenbin: Basic prediction supported
   Wenbin: Alphabet and number layout integrate in IME (layout is fixed, will be finished tomorrow)
   Wenbin: Will make a pull request this week
   Localization & Internationalization (Fabien, Casey, Larissa)
   pluralization support
   Notifications (Etienne, Josh, Carlo, Rafael)
   [Josh] Need to setup a call this week. 
   Performance (Cjones, Casey, Ricardo)
   Privacy (?, Larissa, Marco)
   needs definition: sim lock? DNT?
   Larissa: DNT is well-defined and we already have confirmation from the DNT that they're happy with what we're going out with for v1. (It'll be in the Settings Spec)
   Larissa: Got more info from TEF about sim-lock. I'll also send wireframes for this next week.
   Security (?, Lucas, Josh, Cjones)
   Larissa: By Friday, I will have the organized list of settings in the settings app.
   Settings Design Patterns are here: (Josh and I need to do a final review, but it's close.)
   By Friday, I'll also have the Personalization and (hopefully) Connectivity settings all spec'ed out. I will try to have part of the Personalization settings up today for review.
   I'm behind on Security/Privacy, Accounts, and System Settings. I need help defining developer settings.
   Status Bar
   System Updater
   Fullscreen Support

Visual Design: Graphics (Patryk)

   Application Icons - Should have an icon style direction soon (this week or next), working with Steve and Carlo on requirements for Telefonica
   Common Controls - Beginning those this week
   Action Icons - Should have an icon style locked down this week. Awaiting a list of the action icons from interaction design. Will deliver the first set of action icons for media, early next week.
   Indicator Icons - Should have an icon style locked down this week.
   Media - Locking down the final designs while the interaction is still being locked down. Should be complete by next week.

Visual Design: Misc (Patryk)

   Animations - In progress, have begun to work with TEF on this. Ayman, is preparing a list of requirements. One of their designers is going to execute. Steve and myself will provide creative direction.

Supporting Components

   Form Elements
   Dialog Elements
   System Styling
   Content Permissions
   Flex UI Methods
   Activities (Intents)

QA (John, Geo)

   Most work around last week has been vetting daily builds and build process.  Daily build smoketest results here:
   going forward will post smoketest results to dev-gaia and dev-b2g lists
   Testcases for Gaia in progress - working in conjunction with TF
   Geo - inventorizing and vetting web API tests, also mochitests; (on PTO back wednesday)
   New build instructions coming to MDN; community stuck on building right now

Automation (mdas)

   No updates yet; catching up from PTO

Roundtable For market / competitive questions reach out to Irina ( or Grace (


  • daleharvey
* setVisible in review -
* getScreenshot landed but fix needed(fix in review) -
* contextmenu in progress -
* tabs landed -

I've been working on a lot of things without much concrete progress to show for it:

    • orientation in Gaia is stalled by two bugs:

    • discussing device storage api with Doug Turner
      • this is landing very soon, so I'll be able to start working with it
    • discussing media sync issues with Casey
    • discussing camera API with Fabrice and Mike
    • Playing around with flexible layout ideas and discussing with Casey and Pavel
  • justindarc
  • etienne
  • Fixes on the notifications and the dialer
  • Contacts favorites, and fixes for the contacts
  • WebActivities work (and progress!)
  • kazé
• [l10n] new contributor on the Brazilian locale
• [l10n] working to support plural forms for the two strings that currently require it :)
• (wip) local database of the data service providers
  • Vivien
  • fzzzy (donovan)
    • Simplified tcpsocket patch, removed TLS, removed useless security callbacks
    • We will need an api to manage ssl security exceptions and low-level work to allow security exceptions programatically
    • Tried to verify ondrain is doing what it is supposed to, instead of what Honza claimed it was doing (it is working properly)
  • timdream
  • Rudy Lu
    • Pull request #1413: Keyboard improvements according to the keyboard recommendation
      • (P.2), double tapping on space would enter "."
    • Pull request #1427: Fix the issue that the keyboard mode may be wrongly kept as "symbol"
    • Issue #1386: missing global icon when enabling 2nd keyboard layout - Fixed
    • Will check how to do predictive text.
    • Will implement 2 keyboard layouts, Spanish (LatinAm) & Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Ian Liu (Alarm/Clock)
    • Communicate and keep following and new UX spec of alarm/clock feature.
    • Follow up no screen lock issue when device goes into suspend mode automatically.
    • Implement a prototype layout for alarm feature.
  • Dominic (dkuo)
    • List Music App features and UI components base on the latest wireframes.
    • Start to build UI prototype of Music App.
    • Layout of player page was completed. (Play controls are not ready)
      • Pull request #1447: Music App - First UI prototype
  • Steve Chung (SMS/MMS)
    • Implement SMS/MMS app V2 draft layout.
    • Test SMS delete webAPI and implement delete functionality.
    • Track MMS webAPI progress.
  • lightsofapollo (James Lal)
    • Landed in domain unit tests (Unit tests are ready for everyone).
    • Integrating today with CI today for emulator.
    • Nothing new on calendar
    • This week: wrapping up day view/week view for calendar.
  • asuth (Andrew Sutherland)
    • SMTP sending works; integrated into composition life-cycle API
    • SMTP has unit test that just tests sending (it verifies that it thinks it sent okay, but does not yet verify that the message showed up, in say a loopback configuration)
    • started work on UI; have setup cards good/ugly, working on folder navigation and message list cards
    • Implementing trivial fake account to make it easier to demo/test/experiment without actually setting up a real account
  • UX (Josh, Patryk, Casey, Larissa, Frank)
   Josh: Continue outlining patterns and building blocks, sets the course for Visual Design
   Josh: Working with Telefonica on Comms application and the integration of messaging, call log and contacts
   Casey: working with TF on Bluetooth, Cost controls and Keyboard -- communications going smoothly
   Casey: working on Flexible UI implementation with David f, Pavel and TF.  Need feedback from other devs.
   Casey: Dev environment syc up
   Larissa: focused on getting a draft of the Persona flow out to Telefonica, getting buy-in from all the stakeholders. Aiming for this week.
   Larissa: 2/3 done on Settings Design Patterns, next step will be a design review, then hopefully release it to visual/engineering
   Maria: connected with Marketplace team, have intitial background research document started. Hoping to share high level design concepts with UX team by end of day Wednesday May 23. First MP design deadline June 21. 
   Maria: working with Larissa and Dan Mills about fitting persona in to Marketplace UX flow.
  • Japanese IME (Wenbin Wu - wwu)
    • start learning Japanese Ime from last week
    • aim to deliver a demo in this week
    • maybe need some help from guys who is working on keyboard.js because most Japanese IME need to highlight word candidates.
  • FM Radio (Pin Zhang - pzhang -

(My webcam does not work)

    • Working on the WebFM API last week
    • Finished internal discusstion with Taiwan team yesterday, James, Tim, Thinker and Steven are involved.
    • Posted the WebFM API proposals to yesterday, but my message still awaits moderator approval
    • I will work on both platform and Gaia part except the audio routing for FM HW, Steven will work on the routing part.
  • Visual design (Patryk)

(can’t seem to get vidyo to work) (new designer joining the visual design team this week: Peter La)

   Working with TF to get done by end of the week:
       + Grid for all the apps
       + Visual design for notifications
       + Solidify (first pass) for white and dark app visual design
   Application Icon proposal by end of the week (first draft), give to devs some sample icons so that they can test out cropping / effects.
  • Pavel
  • nekr (Arthur Stolyar) (contributor) (Email app)
    • I updated relative date pattern and fixed some bugs there
    • Changed design style of some elements, but still has no style guide for all UI
    • Now I writing new api for UI elements (bindings?) and |composeMessage| method by guide of v1 of email app
    • Also I proposed to Casey somethings about UI Notifications inside the app and about contextmenu. Will do prototype of those in next week.
  • QA (John, Geo)
    • john vetting new B2G build process; writing up new instructions (blog, MDN, community)
    • john working on breaking test areas into separate test logs. If you have an area you're working on that's landed and ready for QA love, let us know!
    • now defined and validating Wednesday builds to the mailing lists every friday (dev-gaia, dev-b2g)
    • new blood in tech support starting on B2G & Gaia; plan is to onramp her on basic stuff.
    • Geo working on inventorizing web apis plus automating some testcases this week
    • collaborating with Telefonica to maintain list of open bugs: for triage
  • Product (Chris Lee)
  • WebAPIs

Round Table