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  • Welcome back from Barcelona workweek!


Action Items from Last week

  • Carry-over: QA: Need to know when features have landed. Still need to do a regular pass for platform pieces. Gaia pressure on this coming soon. l10n/docs/sec needs this too.

Status Updates

Firefox Browser (Ben, Dale, Larissa, Naoki)

  • Favicon & SSL support finished
  • Applied visual design from Patryk & UX improvements
  • More discussions on implementation of awesomescreen search index
  • Next: bookmarks, top sites, search, context menu...
  • Part of TF Demo. Patryk is working on visuals.
  • Currently cleaning up all bugs that wont take significant time
  • Currently blocked waiting for IndexedDB fixes to land

Calculator (Frank, Dale)

  • Will apply basic vis des shortly

Calendar (James, Frank)

  • Visual Design pass 1 is complete for month view (landing today)
  • Demo'ed CalDav sync logic first (read only) version should land this end of week dependant on XHR basic auth fixes.
  • Not part of TF Demo.

Camera (Dale, DJF, Frank)

  • Part of TF Demo. Need visuals. Partyk to send draft EOD tomorrow.
  • Camera vis dev applied, awaiting support on otoro / sgs2 to complet visuals, but works where platform support exists

Clock (Ian, Tim, Frederico, Frank Lee)

  • Start to implement attention screen for Clock APP.
  • Communicate with James Lal for the development of time picker widget.
  • Not part of TF Demo.

Contacts (Alberto, Etienne, Josh, Ayman's specs, Steve's visual design)

  • TF implementing based on Ayman's specs and Steve's teams visual
  • Some bugs fixed, everything ready for TEF demo.

Dialer (Etienne, Josh, German, Ayman's specs, Steve's visual design)

  • Part of TF Demo.
  • Still with problems related to performance, but we will need gecko support to fix this (offline cache problem)
  • Contacts within dialer disabled for demo. We were experimenting a huge downgrade in performance.

Email (Andrew, James/Jim Porter (:squib), Nekr, Casey, Donovan, Naoki)

  • PTO
  • Not part of TF Demo.

FM Radio (Pin, TF?, Frederico/Hernan?)

  • Not part of TF Demo.

Gallery (David, Frank)

Home (Vivien, Josh)

  • Discussions in progress with TF on Home screen layout in leui of decisions around co-branding.
  • To include discussions about configurable dock
  • Discussions with TF about search placement
  • Discussions with TF about integration
  • Draft of guidelines draft
  • Part of TF Demo (of course)

Lock Screen (Tim, Josh)

  • User testing this week, results are looking good
  • Part of TF Demo

Marketplace (Cvan, Krupa, Maria)

  • Updated designs in implementation
  • Visual design iterations will happen over the upcoming few weeks
  • User testing scheduled for July 12-13
  • Part of TF Demo

Music (Dominic, DJF, Frank, Donovan)

  • [Dominic] No update (I was assigned to support the Marketplace demo)
  • Not part of TF Demo.

SMS & MMS (Steve Chung, Fernando Campo, Borja, Francisco Jordano)

  • SMS: fixed latest bugs, enabled edit mode. In some builds we experiment the double message, in others we dont :(
  • [Steve] Minor bugs fixing.
  • Part of TF Demo

Video (Dale, DJF, Frank)

  • Otoro fine, Akami slow
  • Part of TF Demo

Fast installation of Gaia in Otoro devices (Salva)

  • There is a script inside build/ directory
  • The name is
  • You can use it to install busybox in Otoro
  • This enables fast installation of Gaia
  • You need to run the script each time you reboot (and only when reboot) your device


  • Activities (Etienne, Casey)
    • Early stage demo in Barcelona, gaia part almost done
  • ActiveSync (Asuth)
  • Apps
    • Josh working on Apps stuff this week w/ Maria
    • Install (Tim, Josh, Dan)
    • Permissions (Tim, Josh, Ricardo)
    • Management (Vivien, Josh, Carlo, Dan)
    • Updates (Tim, Josh, Ricardo)
    • Uninstall (Vivien, Josh, Ricardo)
    • Reinstall (?, Maria, Josh)
      • When the user deletes an app, how can they restore it? Via Marketplace, or System?
      • Marketplace knows whether you've bought app
      • B2G knows whether an app is installed
      • Could the two sides communicate their respsective data to enable smarter downloading
      • Josh & Maria: work together to uncover above details
  • Bluetooth File Transfer (Kyle, Casey, Marco)
  • Building Blocks (Kaze, Pavel, Josh, Frank, Casey)
    • Building blocks getting off the ground this week and will pickup pace as soon as we are settled and decided on folder structure and markup.
    • Wiki is being updated
    • Structure is being effected by technical contraints (particularly w/ anything that pops up).
    • Finalizing taxonomy this week
    • Circulating taxonomy to team
    • Will encourage individual devs to contribute their work.
    • Jose and Arnau are working on improving markup for headers. Pull request will be finished today
  • Consumption Control (Albert and Guillermo (TEF devs), Casey, Carlo, Rafael)
    • Dan (TF) working on IxD
    • Technical details are still being discussed
    • Plan is still to combine this into single Utility Tray (along with Quick Settings & Notifications Center)
    • Suggest we break this out into separate.
  • Date, Time, Time zones & Number formats (Vivien, Casey, Ricardo)
    • Larissa: Is in Personalization Settings-- need to follow up with devs about whether this is complete or not.

First Run Experience (Tim, Maria, Josh, Larissa, Carlo, Ricardo)

  • Need to revist, now that branding has shifted
  • Jinghua & TEF need to sync up and finalize
  • Moz will not have identity setup in FRE, though TF may. Will discuss with @lco offline with Aymen and Ricardo on specifics of what this looks like.
  • Hardware Recommendations (Larissa, Josh, Marco)
  • Identity (Francisco, Fernando, Larissa)
    • [lco] No sign-in to device anymore. Need to check with TEF if they have any account creation of their own.
    • The only form of sign in will be in the Marketplace via Bluevia.
  • Keyboard & Text-Handling (Rudy, Tim, Casey, Ricardo, Yuan, Wenbin, Salva)
    • helped Keyboard app planning (Tim)
    • Predictive Text (Rudy)
      • spell check - Implement a prototype for the predictive text feature with spell check (Rudy)
    • HVGA supprot ready for keyboard
    • Fix dictionary license problem in Japanese IME (Wenbin)
    • pull request #1536 #1660 (Wenbin)
    • syntax analysis (Wenbin)
    • scroll on alternatives (Salva)
    • issue on overflowing interactive content (Salva & Vivien)

I have disconnected to vidyo at least three times, so please skip my part :)

  • Localization & Internationalization (Fabien, Casey, Larissa, Staś)
  • Notifications (Etienne, Josh, Carlo, Rafael)
    • Over weekend new information came in. Effects what we can do.
    • Josh working on this week (see "Notification finalization" thread), mainly with Etienne, Tim, to determine what can be done.
    • User configuration: need to determine what level for v1.
  • Security (?, Lucas, Josh, Cjones)
  • Settings
    • Longer passwords option? Open. (Raised by Paul in "B2G Security/Privacy Settings Spec Uploaded (v1)" thread)
    • Lco: only pieces remaining to be confirmed by Chris are device storage and Wi-Fi hotspot. Wi-fi hotspot is the only thing that hasn't been designed.
  • Status Bar
  • System Updater
  • Fullscreen Support
  • Screenshot capability. (Press Home and Sleep buttons at the same time) Ask djf for details.

Visual Design

Visual Design: Graphics (Patryk)

Visual Design: Misc (Patryk)

Supporting Components

  • Form Elements
  • Dialog Elements
  • System Styling
  • Content Permissions
  • Activities (Intents)


QA (John, Tony, Naoki, Matt)

  • we're onboarding a few new QA people internally. Welcome Naoki Hirata, Matt Brandt, Krupa Raj!
  • last week was spent preparing TEF demo device at work week
  • split up features among TEF. they will cover testplans for Comm apps, apps billing system, consumption ctrl, and notification push. Mozilla doing the others.
  • we have the new ics images & kernelupdate v4. Experimenting with this presently (does it fix e.g. indexeddb issues?, what is install process, what are differences in behavior between old GB images), but we need to deploy this to all otoro devices at some stage
  • flashed/deployed another 25 phones during this week - do we know when other 100 are due?
  • Devs, please add "resolved" label to bugs you fix and close. QA will add "verified" after we've tested them.

Developer Docs (sheppy)

  • Please don't forget to mark bugs that may impact developers (either Gecko or web developers!) with the dev-doc-needed keyword!
  • Feel free to ping sheppy in IRC or by email with any doc issues or anything you think needs to be written up specifically.

User Docs (michelleluna)

  • Meeting with TEF support & ops team July 5th to discuss user support plans
  • Michelle on PTO July 10-13; Ibai Garcia (Marketplace support lead will join)

Automation (mdas)

  • Fixed a few bugs in Marionette. Nothing new to report