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  • Welcome to Milestone 5: Fit, finish and fabulous. Focus is on bug fixes, performance optimizations and visual completeness.
  • Meeting format change: We've moved the groups like QA, release, docs to the beginning to ensure they are able to communicate to the group.
  • String freeze is 7/27. See Stas' email to dev-gaia.
  • For all Github issues, please add the blocking-basecamp? label if you think the issue blocks the release of V1.



QA (John, Tony, Naoki, Matt)

  • Daily testing, blocker being filed need Highest attention -
  • have completed test areas for gaia apps - need devs/stakeholders to review these test
    • Sti out in Gaiated activities)
  • we have the new ics images & kernelupdate v6. We're ready to deploy them - ask us if you're in MV and need this done
  • We will support Desktop B2G builds as a top platform. please support bug fixes as they land (bugzilla >> boot2gecko::General)
  • comb through Gaia specs this week with PM team for completion
  • Vetting daily builds as usual - currently we are struggling with non-working device builds - trying to rectify this by rolling back
  • John travelling to Brazil 7/21 - 8/1 (including some PTO)
    • so far observing no working keyboard for entering text to browser fields - so I'm blocked on browsing - although wifi works!
    • SIM card recognizes VIVO and shows bars of service however!
      • I'll create a second smoketest log and detail issues there

Developer Docs (sheppy)

  • No voice updates. Busy with Kuma launch (the new MDN wiki). FISL next week!
  • Please don't forget to mark bugs that may impact developers (either Gecko or web developers!) with the dev-doc-needed keyword!
  • On Github, use devDocNeeded label (current open issues: )
  • Feel free to ping sheppy in IRC or by email with any doc issues or anything you think needs to be written)

Automation (mdas)

  • No voice updates today, I have a coinciding lunch meeting
  • Emulator is down again, mwu and jgriffin are looking into this
  • I've started working on getting Eideticker going with B2G, so we can do things like measure FPS and other fancy performance stuff! Will be working against a pandaboard

Status Updates

Firefox Browser (Ben, Dale, Larissa, Naoki)

  • This Week
      • Start screen implemented, just needs some visual polish now visuals have arrived
      • Hide bottom bar implemented
      • Pinch to zoom has landed in platform, needs testing
      • Awesome search as you type implemented
      • View PDF - Etienne claims it's working? May still be a little blocked by Activities
      • Permissions prompts apparently handled by system app, not 100% sure
      • Clear history & about page implemented, new visuals now ready to add polish
      • Stop & new refresh buttons implemented
      • "Scroll address bar off screen" should be unblocked now, need to try and implement
      • Context menu unblocked, needs some implementation
      • cookies & private data settings still blocked by platform
      • Double tap to zoom - does this have an owner?
      • Add bookmark to homescreen blocked by activities, will try to implement anyway
      • Handle view activities also blocked, will try to implement anyway
      • Edit bookmark slightly blocked by visual design - need visuals for popup menus
      • Detect crashed tabs
      • HTTP Auth
      • Streaming video
  • Last Week: Added bookmarks & top sites tabs to awesomescreen. Next: start page, settings.
* stop / reload patches going through review (been r+'d) 
* alert / prompt / confirm in progress
* search as you type in progress
* various minor ui fixes

* Still blocked by platform:
** pinch to zoom/double tap to zoom - no gaia work. platform bugs:
** clear private data, enable/disable cookies - 2 days w/ api. blocked on api work [needsbug] by justin, who's blocked by datajar.
** permission prompts - handled by system [needsbug, owned by etienne - has issue].
** activities - view url & add bookmark to homescreen
  • Blocked by visual design(?): popup menu designs for bookmark menu etc. - owned by rafa and josh

Calendar (James, Frank)

    • Working to land offline support & abstraction layer for CalDav / Local / ActiveSync calendars. Running behind. Trying to get first usable (events & real local sync landed)
    • Many small pieces will lag behind the 20th date:
      • Visual Design for Settings (?)
      • Notifications (23th)
      • Edit Event / Delete Event (30th)
      • System Timezone Support (Aug 1)
      • Custom Timezone Support (Aug ?)
        • [Frank] Setting timezones added to IxD, still need to show current timezone setting in the rest of the app though
      • ActiveSync support
      • Forms ?? (We need date / time / select pickers)

Camera (Dale, DJF, Frank)

  • This week:
  • Visual design:
    • [PA] Need to do a unification pass, add flash and filter support
* David implemented webActivities support
* Completion not blocked
    • Blocked on working camera
    • Confirmed: not doing HW buttons for v1.
    • Filters interface UX needs to be reviewed
  • Last week: Camera vis dev applied, awaiting support on otoro / sgs2 to complet visuals, but works where platform support exists
  • estimate: 7/20 or shortly thereafter

Clock (Ian, Frederico, Frank Lee)

  • This week:
    • Visual Design almost done, In Dropbox today
    • Implement and refine the style of Clock main/attention page to fit UX final visual design.
    • Implement and refine the style of Clock edit page to fit UX final visual design.
    • estimate this week for main page, attention screen
    • date pickers: share code by copy and paste from system keyboard (?)
  • Last week:
    • Finish to integrate Alarm API and system message.(#2564)
    • Finish to implement alarm-set status bar indicator.(#2695)

Contacts (Alberto, Etienne, Josh, Ayman's specs, Steve's visual design)

  • Integrating contacts with dialer (omg!) waiting for multiple entry points being enabled with activities.
  • Use web activities for picking the photo from the gallery
    • Working in favorites, refactoring pull effect, adding extra fields and the search functionality
    • Minor VsD tweaks ongoing.
  • Last week:
  • Address field
  • Removing fields
  • Deleting contact
    • TF implementing based on Ayman's specs and Steve's teams visual
    • Some bugs fixed, everything ready for TEF demo.
  • est ready by 7/20 - blocked on web activities

Dialer (Etienne, Josh, German, Ayman's specs, Steve's visual design)

    • Performance issue fixed by platform! <- \o/
    • Multiple call POC ok, waiting for visuals
    • Lock style for the incoming call screen un-owned
  • Finalising call log, doing the grouping by type and contact, also adding the filter by missed calls/ all calls
    • Call log, waiting for Web Activities to launch
  • Call waiting:
    • [JC] Under debate by PM's for v1 inclusion (see "Call waiting" thread). Have asked Ayman + Erik to proceed with necessary UX, regardless.
  • Active Call status bar overlay
    • Josh: created "Active Call" UI as part of Status Bar doc. Awaiting vet from Ayman.
  • Last week:
    • Cleaning a bit the code.
    • Started working in the call log improvements
    • Still with problems related to performance, but we will need gecko support to fix this (offline cache problem)
    • Contacts within dialer disabled for demo. We were experimenting a huge downgrade in performance.
  • est 7/20 for german's work
  • etienne blocked on lock screen ui for incoming call: est 1 day w/ code
  • call waiting blocked on platform changes, etienne filing issue, dietrich connect w/ clee for product decisions

Email (Andrew (:asuth), Jim Porter (:squib), Casey (:cyee), Donovan (:fzzzy), Naoki(:nhirata)

  • This week:
    • back-end/UI:
      • finish off unit tests for sync fixes
      • implement HTML message display using bleach.js (and requiring some 'enhancements')
      • try and get autoconfig working
    • ActiveSync: see ActiveSync under "System"
  • Last week:
    • back-end/UI:
      • finished less-than-infinite scrolling hookup
      • extensive sync logic fixes and performance improvements, with unit tests. a teeny bit more tests still required.
      • hooked up opt-in logging of non-sensitive data to help debug sync glitches or performance problems, wiki page and dev-gaia post to come soon on that.
      • groundwork for HTML message display

FM Radio (Pin)

  • This week:
    • 90% Complete, just awaiting final layout tweaks with new button positioning
    • [PA] This will have to wait till post 7/20, as other components (app icons) are slipping due to the IxD churn
  • Open issues:
    • Revised IxD: tweaked this week, and it looks good. Confirm final placement of UI elements and have Peter finalize VsD. Try to have complete for Tuesday (keyscreens + assets, if possible) so devs have at least few days to implement for 7/20.
    • FM Radio API thread: appears to have concluded.
    • Steven: Got new patch from Qualcomm, try to apply it to Gecko.
    • Pin: Gaia: check my implementation of IxD v7 and send pull request; Gecko: wait for the codes of Steven.
  • Last week:
    • Steven: FM control, enable, disable, set frequency, and seek, could work on ICS, and sound comes out, but there is some problem of operation events.
    • Pin: Gaia: implemented the final version(v7) of IxD; WebAPI: have concluded; Gecko: no progress
  • no visual designs for two weeks (8/1)

Gallery (David, Frank)

  • This week
    • video playing functionality is at risk (blocked on vid capture)
    • finishing up editing functions
    • using Activities to integrate with other apps
    • Need UX review of the "pick image" activity implementation
    • Get fullscreen working again
    • Visual:Visual Design delivered 7/20, implementation is underway
      • VsD still needed on Photo Editing
      • Minor adjustment needed to gallery icon
      • Dev implementing the rest of the VsD right now, worked through a lot of detailed issues with David last week and addressed all his questions
    • Open issues:
      • We will have B&W and Sepia filters for sure (P1), might have more if easy (P2)
  • feature complete estimated 7/20
  • blocked on vid capture - need camera to put videos in a known location
  • Last week:
    • I've resolved issue #2109 listed below.
    • I'll be working on:
      • figuring out what features are needed and which are at risk
      • getting fullscreen/orientation to work together
      • ironing out problems with MediaDB
      • displaying a proper "scanning media" message when the app is busy scanning
      • getting something done on the remaining features for feature complete.
      • Need UX for "Scanning" message and/or animation
      • Waiting on device storage notification events: bugs 763976 and 759416
    • Visual design is good to go (except filters)

Home (Vivien, TEF UX, Josh, Cristian,)

Lock Screen (Tim, Josh)

  • This week:
  • Last week
    • Finally got the transition spec, but it seems to complex to implement (and will be blocked by gecko graphics capabilities if we want to fully implemented it). Implemented a similar one for v1.
    • Josh: talk to Dan & Erik and make sure they get Tim what he needs for outstanding IxD + VsD.
  • new spec from yesterfday too complicated for 7/20, so current version hopefully be accepted - who needs to make the call on blocking on implementation of new spec?
    • josh says to ask steve

Marketplace (Cvan, Krupa, Maria)

  • This week:
    • Implementation in progress
    • Testing in Portland this week
    • First visual design iteration done sometime this week
    • Mobile designs in implementation
    • Visual design tweaks worked on by Stephen Horlander
    • Usability testing in Portland end of this week
    • Sign in wireframes to be shared with BlueVia shortly through Dan Mills
  • Last week:
    • Updated designs in implementation
    • Visual design iterations will happen over the upcoming few weeks
    • User testing scheduled for July 12-13

Music (Dominic, DJF, Frank, Donovan)

  • This week:
  • Export album arts and apply them to Music UI. (#2615, merged)
    • Now we can see album arts on ListView, SubListView and PlayerView.
  • Mix view of music app.
    • Some implementation are related to auto-generated(predefined) playlists.
    • I will try to enable the mix view first without the functionalities related to auto-generated(predefined) playlists.
  • Last week:
    • Integrated MediaDB.js and MetadataParser to Music app. (#2455, merged)
    • Found out how to export album art from the ID3 external libraries.
      • Works and I am applying it on the UI.
    • Need wireframes of playlist behaviors and UI.
    • Visual Design: Delivered 7/20
  • implementation of playlist not making 7/20 due to Ux/VisD not complete

SMS & MMS (Steve Chung, Fernando Campo, Borja, Francisco Jordano)

  • This week:
    • Contact Live Search.
    • Complete pending Message resend work flow.
    • Click on ContactName to open contact details(need webActivity).
    • Known UI bugs fixing.
    • TEF QA testing for more bug s and issues.
  • Last week:
    • Contacts names included on list and thread headers
    • String freeze
    • Complete the refactor with:
      • Utils cleansing and date picking fixed
      • Message Manager with pending state and proper ordering
      • ThreadListUI Manager
      • ThreadsUI Manager
      • We decided an AppManager for changing screens and deal with visibility was not doable for this week.
      • New Edit mode working
      • Basic transitions
      • Changes on UI Styles
      • Web Activities works (\o/ thanks Etienne!), but we won't use them yet
      • Ability to intercept SMS messages for purposes of cost control and marketplace account creation verification. fcampo: what? for this friday? :)

Video (Dale, DJF, Frank)

  • This week:
    • metadata parsing at risk (video titles may not display)
    • saving current play position (bookmarks) at risk
  • Last week:
    • I (Dale) will be applying vis dev shortly, David will work on any MediaDB issues
    • Frank: visual design 90% done
    • I'll convert this app to use MediaDB so it doesn't rescan on each start
  • Last week: Otoro fine, Akami slow
  • est visd for 7/20
  • djf has some issues maybe not making



  • Error messages
  • Copy writing
    • Josh will update asap
  • Localization
  • Web activities
    • Josh will chase down individual designers and ask them to report in on that thread.
    • Dietrich will file issues for each app's Web Activities
  • Consumption control
    • Larissa recommended they do a security review
  • System updates
    • Dietrich will look @ proposal and corral into firmer set of requirements.
      • App vs System updates
      • User prompts
      • Preconditions (eg: connected to power source,
      • Errors
      • etc...
  • Passive overlays
    • Typically used for education purposes, as tooltips, hints, etc.
    • As long as they live within apps, we can do X,Y sensitive tooltips.
    • Need to evaluate this as requirement for individual apps
  • New font for v1
  • implementation
    • Browser: open new tab
    • Apps: Window Manager spawns window within current app. The shell is defined system-wide. The contents are app specific. Does not spawn new app. Is created
      • Possible edge case: spawning multiple to open multiple sites in background
      • How do we support properties, eg:
        • Width, height, chrome, etc.
  • Fullscreen API
    • Implicitly granted
    • Explicitly
  • Haptics
    • There is an API. Easy to add.
    • Will look at tweaking when we get to dogfooding
  • Trustworthy UI
    • Uses navigator.pane (new API)
    • Apps cannot influence the content within.
    • Sytem opens window.
    • We use whitelist to screen
    • Spawned from where?
  • Wrapper
    • One relatively easy solution: Will probably use an activity to open the content into a browser and tell the browser to show certain UI.
    • Maybe do that for v1, and get fancier v2.
    • Check how iPad does this
  • Individual app settings
  • Contributor apps for v1
  • Menus + Dialogues
    • Completing an audit for Friday
    • And then build out next week
  • Loading indicators

Activities (Etienne, Casey)

  • This week:
    • Tons of application support \o/
    • Vivien implementing
  • Last week: Early stage demo in Barcelona, gaia part almost done

ActiveSync (Jim Porter, Asuth)

  • This week:
    • Integrate ActiveSync code into gaia-email-libs-and-more
    • Debug XHR auth issues
  • Last week:
    • Finished WBXML reader/writer
    • Set up ActiveSync core repo (APIs subject to change):
    • Found a bug in XHR authentication where calling open() with a username/password doesn't work after the first time
  • Milestones: the following should be done by 7/20:
    • Hotmail account creation in Gaia
    • Syncing folder list (in Gaia if XHR bug is fixed)
    • Syncing recent message headers (in Gaia if XHR bug is fixed)
    • Reading message contents (maybe)


    • Install (Tim, Josh, Dan)
    • Permissions (Tim, Josh, Ricardo)
    • Management (Vivien, Josh, Carlo, Dan)
    • Updates (Tim, Josh, Ricardo)
    • Uninstall (Vivien, Josh, Ricardo)
    • Reinstall (?, Maria, Josh)
  • This week:
  • Last week:
      • When the user deletes an app, how can they restore it? Via Marketplace, or System?
      • Marketplace knows whether you've bought app
      • B2G knows whether an app is installed
      • Could the two sides communicate their respsective data to enable smarter downloading
      • Josh & Maria: work together to uncover above details

Bluetooth File Transfer (Kyle, Casey, Marco)

  • This week:
    • UX pairing specced (per larissa and marcos docs)
    • Casey to touch base with cjones and kyle
    • Have some questions re: Status bar indicator (called out in "Status Bar Update" thread, and latest specs.

Building Blocks (Kaze, Pavel, Josh, Frank, Casey)

  • This week:
    • Pending pull requests to addressed
    • TF working on lists, tabs, filters
    • Moz working on dialogues, pickers, drawers, alerts.
    • Casey: Styling through implementation
    • Casey: Helping andrew to implement email styles
    • Working on IxD+Dev+VsD coordination system.
    • Sergei is on vacation, so need VsD ownership, transforming key screens into canonical versions.
  • Last week:

Consumption Control (Salva and Guillermo (TEF devs), Casey, Carlo, Rafael)

  • This week
    • Dan (TF) working on IxD
    • Technical details are still being discussed
    • Plan is still to combine this into single Utility Tray (along with Quick Settings & Notifications Center)
    • Suggest we break this out into separate.
    • Strategies to handle SMS API

Date, Time, Time zones & Number formats (Vivien, Casey, Ricardo)

    • Larissa: Is in Personalization Settings-- Followed up, looks like there are no loose UX ends

First Run Experience (Tim, Maria, Josh, Larissa, Carlo, Ricardo)

  • This week:
    • meeting this thursday on work-to-date
    • Open issue: Passive overlays: can we use them? Ricardo indicated there was feasibility question from devs. Casey, can you figure out the issue?
    • Flagging this as AT RISK for 7/20. Still haven't gotten agreement about account creation process
  • Last week:
    • Need to revist, now that branding has shifted
    • Jinghua & TEF need to sync up and finalize
    • Moz will not have identity setup in FRE, though TF may. Will discuss with @lco offline with Aymen and Ricardo on specifics of what this looks like.

Hardware Recommendations (Larissa, Josh, Marco)

    • Pamela has confirmed probably no camera button for v1.
    • Casey & Kevin: compile specs and send to Pamela. -- done \o/

Identity (Francisco, Fernando, Larissa)

  • This Week:
    • Account Creation still being discussed this week.
  • Last Week:
    • [lco] No sign-in to device anymore. Need to check with TEF if they have any account creation of their own.
    • The only form of sign in will be in the Marketplace via Bluevia.

Keyboard & Text-Handling (Rudy, Tim, Casey, Ricardo, Yuan, Wenbin, Salva) This week:

    • helped Keyboard app planning (Tim)
    • Predictive Text (Rudy)
      • Predictive text ported from Android landed for testing/demo (Rudy)
      • We are going to have a native version of predictive text engine for performance improvement
    • HVGA supprot ready for keyboard
    • Fix dictionary license problem in Japanese IME (Wenbin)
    • pull request #1536 #1660 (Wenbin)
    • syntax analysis (Wenbin)
    • scroll on alternatives (Salva)
    • test cases for Keyboard
    • interaction changes
    • issue on overflowing interactive content (Salva & Vivien)

I have disconnected to vidyo at least three times, so please skip my part :) Localization & Internationalization (Fabien, Casey, Larissa, Staś)

  • Notifications (Etienne, Josh, Carlo, Rafael)
  • This week:
    • Etienne reiterated thumbs up to current approach. Proceed with visual design and loop Etienne in (he will do eventual implementation)
    • Josh: will send out updated document showing how we could handle display of App name + App icon.
    • Pull request sent for the finalized UX pieces (toaster, swipe to clear) and magic counter, just waiting for the visuales
    • Over weekend new information came in. Effects what we can do.
    • Josh working on this week (see "Notification finalization" thread), mainly with Etienne, Tim, to determine what can be done.
    • User configuration: need to determine what level for v1.

Security (?, Lucas, Josh, Cjones) Settings

  • This Week:
    • Minor changes to Bluetooth spec will be sent out today. (Not P1 work, just additions so that we don't forget it for future releases)
    • ongoing work on the Connectivity settings
    • still waiting for UX elements (visual assets, icons, colors…) for the Settings app
    • Wi-Fi hotspot is being designed by Marco
    • Still no word from Chris about device storage
    • May get an additional requirement from TEF for some way to sign-in/out to Facebook and Twitter from the Settings App. Ricardo and I are discussing their rewuirements this week.
  • Last Week
    • Longer passwords option? Open. (Raised by Paul in "B2G Security/Privacy Settings Spec Uploaded (v1)" thread)
    • Lco: only pieces remaining to be confirmed by Chris are device storage and Wi-Fi hotspot. Wi-fi hotspot is the only thing that hasn't been designed.
  • Status Bar
    • Blocked: waiting for platform support on probing A LOT OF status, e.g. Geolocation/audio/camera. Github and Bugzilla issues fired.
    • need to confirm SMS sent icon transition with Josh
    • need update battery 10% icon and loading bar visual
  • System Updater
  • Fullscreen Support
    • issue no keyboard for fullscreen applications
  • Screenshot capability. (Press Home and Sleep buttons at the same time) Ask djf for details.

This will be fixed by Waiting on code review and the matching gecko patch to land.

Visual Design

Visual Design: Graphics (Patryk)

  • Any missing graphics shoud have a bug created for them with the label "needsVisualinput"

Visual Design: Misc (Patryk)

Supporting Components

  • Form Elements
  • Dialog Elements
  • System Styling
  • Content Permissions
  • Activities (Intents)