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Weekly Gaia Development Meeting

Announcements & Notices

Add your workweeks, new hires, other announcements:

  • [nhirata] Bugbash for flame 273Mb that was planned for this week is pushed to next week: July 24th
  • [doliver] Lots of 2.0 blockers! (79 at the moment) Some teams have free cycles -- if you have a bug that is appropriate for someone outside of your team to fix, please add guidance to the bug on the probable cause and/or fix and let everyone know that it's open for taking


  • [nhirata] should QA ask releng to build a 256 MB build for flame and then test off of that for 256 MB testing?
    • this is in regards to GAIA_MEMORY_PROFILE=256 build time variable which affects gallery. Not sure where else it would affect. (bug 1024692) Camera is done elsewhere.
    • Tarako had a GAIA_MEMORY_PROFILE=low variable
    • [Kevin] A 256 flame is not a valid reference device. No one will ship a device at that resolution with that memory footprint. (Discussion ongoing in drivers if this is a valid target or not)
    • discussion thread going on in email about 256 MB testing in general being a waste of engineering resources?


Reporter: nhirata updated 7/15; jsmith on PTO this week, 2 work weeks happening; qa on lower resources this week

  • 1.4
  • 2.0
    • QA Wanted, smoketesting, and full test run support
    • 61/62 smoketests passing,3 blockers (Flame 512 MB) on the same smoke test
    • Loc Run finished : Theo Chevalier sent out an email with the results:
      • 2nd round will begin on July 31st.
    • Bugbash for flame 273Mb that was planned for this week is pushed to next week: July 24th
    • 2.0 Exploratory Test Run against 273MB being currently done
      • 2 testers on FMD exploratory testing
    • QA Plan to get 273 MB Flame under control
      • Part 1 - Sanity Tests (~10 tests) + 2 hours daily exploratory testing by major area on a per day basis (M - Comms, T - Media, W - System, TR - Productivity, F - Misc) on 273 MB Flame
        • Exit Criteria - Green Sanity Tests for 3 Days
      • Part 2 - Manual Smoke Tests (~44 tests) on 273 MB Flame
        • Exit Criteria - Green Smoke Tests for 3 Days
      • Part 3 - All testing migrated to 273 MB Flame
      • Bug Query -





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Media front end

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  • Our team: Dave Hylands, David Flanagan, Mike Habicher, Jim Porter, Hema Koka, Dominic Kuo, John Hu, Diego Marcos, Wilson Page, Justin D'Arcangelo , Punam Dahiya (part-time), Russ Nicoletti (part-time) Product: Sri Kasetti Ux: Rob MacDonald, Patryk Adamczyk EPM: Candice Serran QA: Marcia Knous


Performance (read only)

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  • Team work week in Paris next week

Comms app

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Systems front end

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