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Weekly Gaia Development Meeting

Alternate Meeting Times:

  • "Early" meetings: Tues 9:00am SF, Wed 12:00am Taipei
  • "Late" meetings: Tues 6:00pm SF, Wed 9:00am Taipei

Announcements & Notices

Add your workweeks, new hires, other announcements:

  • Chinese New Year this week/next week; Taipei folks won't be in the office ( affects 2.2 testing )


  • Updates from Paris on 3.0 prototyping [mhenretty]
    • Working on four non mutually exclusive concept areas:
      • Essential Phone - more webby browser and simple phone
      • Offline - instantly cache all the things, full text search
      • Cloud OS - Improvements to Service Workers and a new app architecture
      • Kitfox - addons and theming?


Reporter: nhirata





Talking this week: jrburke Sprint tracking wiki: Notes: The Team: asuth, evanxd, gaye, lightsofapollo, doliver, jrburke, mcav, millermedeiros, awiss, jhford, cserran, tony (qa), william hsu (qa), jhuang (ux), harly (ux) Updates:

  • 2.2 features and conversation support

Media front end

Talking this week: Wilson Our team: Dave Hylands, David Flanagan, Mike Habicher, Jim Porter, Hema Koka, Dominic Kuo, John Hu, Diego Marcos, Wilson Page, Justin D'Arcangelo , Punam Dahiya (part-time), Russ Nicoletti (part-time) Product: Sri Kasetti Ux: Rob MacDonald, Patryk Adamczyk EPM: Candice Serran QA: Marcia Knous Updates:

  • no updates.

Comms app

Talking this week: Julien Updates:

  • Working on a few blockers

Systems front end

Talking this week: Ben Sprint tracking wiki: Daily standups: The team: cserran, gwagner, qdot, michael h, aus, alexandr, francis, jason, pdol, benfrancis, daleharvey, gmarty, sfoster, naoki, tef, tedders1 Updates:


System platform


Media recording