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Gaia Weekly Meeting

Alternate Meeting Times:

  • "TPE/EU" meeting time: Tuesdays 02:00 Pacific
  • "EU/US" meeting time: Tuesdays 9:00 Pacific

Announcements & Notices



  • [Tim] SettingsListener.observe()?
    • Does anyone want to share or discuss the deprecation?
    • (Julien) not much more to add besides what I said on the ML
    • AI: Tim: Find the actual cases on the start-up race.
    • dev-gaia discussion link!topic/
    • Ben will help to find a module owner to revise the API.
    • (Tim) Please propose alternative interfaces for "improving" SettingsListener!

Discussion about games in Firefox OS

    • (Haroon Can FFXOS include a simple 2D game instead of a huge html5 game like HexGL? I think using HexGL as an included game is overkill and not fresh/appealing. Why not commission or have a fan like me make a simple game that could be pitched to the gaia team? This game will also boost morale with game developers for FXOS, because right now its dismal, no game jam, no game showcase....




(Alphabetical order)

Gaia Architecture Work

  • Telemetry library
    • Bugs on review, ready to launch and sync with performance information.
  • Web app bridge
** Feature complete, now fixing bugs found by sms and music teams.
  • Service workers
    • Focusing on performance now.
    • Some gecko patches still on the way to deal with the sw update mechanism in b2g
  • SMS app conversion moving forward:
    • Navigation patch is in review -- hopefully lands this week. Still more work needed after this; for example BFCache doesn't work (at least in Fifefox) and we need to find why, and likely we'll need to fix more things once it works ;)
    • "getThreads" method moving to services -- first draft in feedback
    • discussions around where mozAPI shims (wrappers in iframe) live
  • Music app conversion
    • Focus is on splitting the views and integrating with Threads.js in this sprint. Along with Player view refactoring to separate out audio playback. Music devs meeting with other folks working on NGA next week to work through integration issues.
  • Contacts app conversion
    • Integrate #new within Contacts app in master: Ensuring that all is working fine via and with a final version of the navigation
    • Merge #update activity in master as a self contained view
    • Handle #open and #import activities, they will be merged to unify the code and the offered UI
    • Improve Start-up time in Contacts application

Some issues with BT:

   Bug 1122177 - [Bluetooth] pairing fails while device is searching for other devices 
   Bug 1175955 - passive pairing not work when fresh flash <- lockscreen related, tracked in bug 1173284 Could you give me access to that bug ? (:oteo)
   Bug 1182644 - [Bluetooth] When transferring a file to laptop, device restarts upon completion of transfer. 
   (yifan) I'll share these to the BT team in Taipei and see if they have any input.Thanks!
   (BT API has been moved to APIv2 just before whistler workweek, some regressions there and the Peripherals Team (Ben Tian) is helping tracking them)
   Peripherals Team said the best contact window is IRC #bluetooth


Comms app

Talking this week: The Team: Updates:


Talking this week: The team: evelyn, rexlee, johnhu, lchang, tzu-lin, yifan, seanlee; UX: tori; Product: Joe; EPM: Josh; QA: Cynthia Updates: - We will have some features riding on 2.5 release, here is the meta bug for 2.5; Cynthia is the dedicated QA for testing these features. - Data sync (of history and cookie) is one of Ignite features that TV want to leverage. Would like to talk to the development team. - Developer board: discussed with some vendors to see who could provide this kind of hardware with better support. *Hopefully* will have dev board in the end of August.


  • Will developer board be more widely available?
    • This is a goal yes!! \o/
  • Can we work together on making "pinning" features more consistent across smartphone/smart feature phone/TV?
    • Evelyn will send UX contact details to Ben to follow up

Media front end

Talking this week: Our team: dhylands, djf, jporter, hkoka, dmarcos, wilsonpage, justindarc, pdahiya, rnicoletti, hub; Product: swilkes; Ux: amlee, tshakespeare, jsavory, hnguyen; EPM: mtreese QA: npark Updates:

    • Most of the team working on NGA for Music, Device Storage, Threads.js, Telemetry and addressing blocking bugs for 2.5


Talking this week: none Sprint tracking wiki: Notes: Updates: none


Talking this week: The team: timdream, steveck, evenxd, gasolin, snowmantw, rickychien Updates:

(From performance taskforce: Raptor + marionette + code transformer is almost ready, will like to hold some workshop for it)

    • Will hold first one at Taipei; not sure how to hold that for other regions (videos maybe).
    • I'll put some info on mailing list first and then we can see what EU/US developers need.
  • PDF MIME is added into MIME list, Bluetooth received/Web Downloaded PDF now can be opened in Notification Tray or Download list

Systems front end

Talking this week: Ben The team: cserran, gwagner, qdot, michael h, aus, alexandr, francis, jason, pdol, benfrancis, daleharvey, gmarty, sfoster, naoki, tef, tedders1 Updates:

  • Pin the Web
    • Some new features being developed behind a setting (can be turned on in Settings app)
    • Some open questions about platform APIs, discussing with New Security Model team
    • We may not be able to support pinning legacy hosted Open Web Apps, just the new "Firefox Apps" (using the new hosted package format) and W3C web apps
    • Marketplace may not support third party "Firefox Apps" in the 2.5 timeframe
    • Discussion today about whether to target a new homescreen for 2.5
    • UX exploring new task manager design
  • Vaani & Speech API
  • Performance
    • See dev-gaia for Raptor update