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Gaia Weekly Meeting

Alternate Meeting Times:

  • "TPE/EU" meeting time: Tuesdays 02:00 Pacific, 11:00 CEST
  • "EU/US" meeting time: Tuesdays 9:00 Pacific, 19:00 CEST

Announcements & Notices


  • Project Alopex Introduction and Q/A (Peter / Rob / Przemek)



Reporter: nhirata ( Update : 10/13 )

entering task manager and returning to browser

      • This issue doesn't directly fail any smoke cases and there are several


when watching full screen videos in browser on youtube or other sources

  • Crashes (3)
    • New Query excluding POVB, QAExclude, and those not set to status-b2g-master=affected
  • FOTA Update:
    • overview :
    • Flame :
      • To immediately fix issues : 3 bugs to work for releng;
        1. the json breaks the xml creation for balrog :
        2. Bug 1213929 - Flame is not aliased to Flame-kk on B2G-mozilla-central-nightly-latest
        3. Bug 1213824 - Add Flame KK fingerprint for FOTA on Buildbot
          • the signature differing causes issues in updating because the cert fails.
      • long term fixes:
        • dependencies on Taskcluster bugs
        • need to talk about long term signature keys and updating the builds.
    • Aries :
      • whitelisting has at least 4 dependencies that we have to figure out between taskcluster team and releng.
      • currently blocked due to needing to figure out location of builds. TBD in next meeting
  • Announcement
    • Please thank Alexandre Lissy for his work on getting build scripts for automating FOTA builds for both aries and flame
      • it's not within his realm, but because we do not have a b2g build engineer; he has unblocked QA and moved these parts forward.


(Alphabetical order)

Gaia Architecture Work

  • Telemetry library
   -We are closing in on feature complete.  
   -Few more review items outstanding + 1 blocker with app startup time we are working on.
   -Contacts team is trying out the custom metrics.
  • Web app bridge
  • Service workers
  • SMS app conversion
  • Music app conversion
   - Working on performance optimizations and functional bug fixes. (see more below)
  • Contacts app conversion
   - No new updates, working on blockers, we got ride of the performance regressions, but still we can see how contacts 2.2 in current mozilla central performs works than in gecko 2.2
   - Patch on the way, start using custom metrics to check how features are being used.
  • Sync
   Landed, now bugfixing. Next week work week in Taipei to be sure 2.5 sync on tv will run smoothly.

Comms app

Talking this week: Updates:

Red Square

   Contract still being finaliized:  Contract has just been signed. Very little code has been written, but architectural discussions with outsourced engineers are ramping up
   We still don't have access to Red-Tai code
   Looking for engineers to take tech-lead role for gecko and the Caretaker service part of Red Square


Talking this week: The team: evelyn, rexlee, johnhu, lchang, tzu-lin, yifan, seanlee; UX: tori; Product: Joe; EPM: Josh Updates:

Media front end

Talking this week: Our team: dhylands, djf, jporter, hkoka, dmarcos, wilsonpage, justindarc, rnicoletti, hub, aosmond; Product: ?; Ux: amlee, tshakespeare, jsavory, hnguyen; EPM: mtreese QA: njpark Updates:

   * Music NGA: fixing many bugs, regression, performance
   - Cold launch now within ~100ms of OGA app, memory within ~1MB once l20n.js optimizations land
   - Optimized script loading (lazy loading), thumbnail sizes, integrating l20n.js view optimizations for NGA
   - Seeing minor cold launch/memory regression between v2.2 Music OGA and v2.5 Music OGA (Gecko?)


Talking this week: Notes: Updates:


Talking this week: timdream, steveck, evenxd, gasolin, snowmantw, rickychien The team: Updates:

Systems front end

Talking this week: The team: cserran, gwagner, qdot, michael h, aus, alexandr, francis, jason, pdol, benfrancis, daleharvey, gmarty, sfoster, naoki, tef, tedders1, cwiiis, mcav, reza, kdavis Updates:

   * Pin the Web is nearly feature complete (2 bugs left), a few tweaks to make based on usability testing
   * New homescreen nearly ready to turn on by default, waiting for review on migration code
   * Late customization: in for review (review bump!) need to clarify use of setting for opt-in to feature:
   * RTL, discussion around back/forward icons, on track.