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The main focus of Gaia Milestone 2.1 is to have a developer phone usable on a day-by-day basis. We'll continue to make front-end improvements that reflect the device's capabilities.

The plan is to land all P1 bugs listed below for the 2.1 milestone.


The target date is the 9 march 2012.


List of projects for the Milestone 2.1

Description Priority Status Details Owner i18n UX Specs Bugs
Use MozContacts P1 LANDED details Etienne yes yes
Calendar app P2 LANDED details Ben no no
Email app P1 LANDED details Ben/Vivien (timing is too short to land bug 733573) no no
Dial History P2 LANDED details Etienne no yes
Improve the stability of the Windows Manager P1 INFLIGHT details David / Vivien (it's not completely finished but some changes have landed) no no
Tasks Manager P2 TAKEOFF details
no yes
SMS Database P1 LANDED details Philikon no no
SMS notification when SMS app is not launched P1 LANDED details Vivien no yes
SMS Multiline P2 LANDED details Tim no no
Network Settings (wifi and 3G) P1 LANDED (waiting for the backend fix - see bug 732982) details Fabien yes yes
Tests P1 INFLIGHT details ALL! (It can't be finished but some tests have landed) no no
Camera UI P3 LANDED details Ben Francis no yes
Ring Tone And Volume P1 LANDED details Vivien yes yes
Real Fullscreen P2 TAKEOFF details
no no
UI Transitions/animations P3 RUNWAY

no no
Settings UI P2 LANDED details Fabien yes yes
Orientation Support P2 TAKEOFF details
no no
Geolocation Support P3 TAKEOFF details
no no
Localization Support P2 RUNWAY details Fabien yes no
Mobilize our messages/dialogs P4 RUNWAY details
yes yes
Form Assistant P3 RUNWAY details
yes no
Intents P2 TAKEOFF details
yes no

Status Legend:

  • RUNWAY - Waiting for design or initial planning
  • TAKEOFF - Ready for work to begin
  • INFLIGHT - Work is in progress. Patches should be in bugs.
  • LANDED - Work has finished and is in the product.