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Velocity: [p=8]

(Steve) Will take PTO on 8/22.

=> velocity=?

(Julien) I was thinking 7 or 8, yeah
(Oleg) Yeah 8 is fine I think
(Steve) Is performance blocker included in?
(Julien) probably should keep some points for it like previous sprint.

from current sprint [P=2]

  • Add this now because we might face some memory leak in original thumbnail creation.
    (Oleg) Agree with Steve, that we can cover thumbnails VR in the scope of this bug. But we're still waiting for the spec
    (Steve) So you could finish the thread view refresh first ;) Visual will provide the new attachment spec and placeholder icons for this changes.
    (Oleg) Do you know approx when UX\VD spec is provided? Just wondering whether we can include or not this bug in the sprint.
    (Julien) keep p=2 from last time? Or should we look at this bug later, when we've taken all committed features first?
    (Steve) later +1 Just ask Fang and she could provide spec tomorrow
    (Oleg) Thread redesign is committed, but is attachment refresh committed too?
    (Julien) no, it started as a request from me :) Moreover this patch is quite scary to do at the end of the cycle, I'd rather do it at the start of v2.2.
    (Oleg) ok, so skipping for now [p=2 for subject]

  • Compose Panel refreshCompose Panel refresh (mainly on subject behavior change)
    (Oleg) Patch is in review, but it's not committed for v2.1, so if we have time probably we can finish with it. <- Sorry I didn't have free cycle last week...
    (Oleg) It's OK!
    (Julien) same here: not commited, we should probably look after


  • launch regression
  • QC blocker, supposed to be finished by thursday 'again' (8/21). (I reply Bhavana that it won't be finished) <=totally same pattern again
  • It's said that we couldn't make and significant improvement here. Will work with vicamo about the api changes that returning the array of threads in each iteration to reduce the round trip time penalty.
    (Julien) also I'd like that Vicamo looks if there is any perf regression when retrieving the threads, because I see a clear 150ms regression from v1.3 :/
    Ken asked perf team to see if they could find any regression in IPC.. But I could still work wil vicamo if he could provide patch for batch threads in single cursor(patch for gaia should be simple).
    I'm trying something right now, will update if I find something useful :) (you'll probably have to polish the patch if it works)
    (Steve) Should we still spend 1 for bug 1048841(for testing with vicamo's patch)?
    (Julien) I think so. Since it will take time from you... Hopefully after 8/21 QC will say "ok, it's fine after all" :p [p=1]

features for v2.1 [p=5]

  • CMAS Alert channel support, see the following 3 sub-items:
    • Let's estimate the sub-items below: [p=1]

  • [CMAS] Add the application to production builds and remove it from homescreen
    (Steve) p=1
    (Julien) p=1
    (Oleg) description sounds like p=1 [p=3]

  • Plug in real CMAS input to the CMAS application
    (Steve) p=3
    (Julien) p=2 or 3, I fear of issues when testing with Gecko
    (Steve) Yes, we have to understand how emulator works and send the fake alert by commend
    (Julien) last time I tried, I needed to build the emulator myself, but maybe nowadays it's downloadable?
    (Steve) Not sure, so maybe we need to spend more time on the environment
    (Julien) Using the emulator: Building the emulator is like building a full B2G (with a BRANCH=master ./ emulator-jb) but I think it doesn't work fine with MacOS X
    (Steve) ok, I changed my mind :p Although the code in gaia should not very difficult.
    (Oleg) p=3 [p=1]

  • [CMAS] Handle the setting that enables/disables CMAS alerts
    (Steve) p=1
    (Julien) p=1
    (Oleg) p=1 [p=1]

  • Support 24 hour time format. Please see samples in system:

  • (Steve) p=1
    (Julien) p=1
    (Oleg) p=1, example looks simple [p=2]

  • add an image for a groupmms thread in the inbox panel
  • if it's ready only
    (Oleg) Soo, it's not ready yet + doesn't sound like priority thing
    (Julien) yeah, does not sound risky, so the last sprint should be good enough
    (Oleg) Spec just arrived! :)
    (Julien) currently it's out of committed features, so if time allows :)
    (Steve) Considering the committed features above... I'm afraid we could find free cycle to complete this feature :-/

  • small DSDS refresh for the send button, spec is not precise enough right now but Fang will probably answer today
    (Julien) it's not clear if it's part of the Thread View redesign, and as such is due for v2.1