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Velocity: [p=5] => velocity=?

  • I don't have any holidays for this sprint. Julien only arrives on Sep 15?
    Seems so, and I might OOO for next week as you know, so p = 6?
    Sounds ok for me
    Per discussion, we reduced to 5 since not much remaining and important issues in current spring.

from current sprint [P=2]

  • Add this now because we might face some memory leak in original thumbnail creation, and it should be part of the thread ui refresh.
    (Steve) I think we should nominate it for 2.1, put it in list?
    (Oleg) About the list - yes, I think we should include it in the list as it covers both performance and VR, I'm ok with 2.1, I'm just not sure about the criteria used for 2.1 nominating. So yeah let's nominate and will see.

  • If it's ok from review stand point then we probably don't need to include this in sprint, as it's trivial and patch in place :)
    (Steve) I think maybe we don't have to include it, wdyt?
    (Oleg) Agree [P=1]

  • Deletion refactoring. Patch created and I haven't reviewed it yet :p Put 1 or 2 points for it?
    (Oleg) let's use p=1
    (Steve) ok p=1

blockers [p=0]

  • Since major fixing is in gecko and we might need do wait for bug 1057915. I'll still track it, but seems not so necessary to put it in the list?
    • Yeah, I think we have reserved points for this one. Bug 1051719 - [SMS] Unable to open the links in SMS application

  • The title might need to rename to "Prevent data lost for circular activity". Since system will force to close the activity to prevent circular issue, we will need to safe draft for general cases.
    (Steve) Do you think we should take it back? Since we don't have to leaveActivity, but we'll need to consider all the new activity cases and save the draft
    (Oleg) I think the easiest option would be to close this bug and open new one, and take new one :) Don't know though if Sasikala is eager to deal with that too
    (Steve) Bug 1039955 - system will close it, so we don't have to close it by ourself here. We only need to safe draft, but not just browser case
    (Oleg) So what will we do here? :)
    (Steve) I'll ping assignee to see if she is still working on this issue, and re-assign if necessary. maybe we can skip this one first.
    (Oleg) Let's skip as it's not clear who will deal with it

nominations [p=1]

  • It's about truncated icon in report view, v2.1 nomination blocker, but I was planning that we resolve it in the scope of report view visual refresh that we planned for the v2.2. How do you think, will it be possible to uplift VR for report view from v2.2 to v2.1 or we'll need separate v2.1 fix for that?
    (Steve) I can't find report refresh bug now.. Do you have link?
    (Oleg) I consider this one as Report panel VR - Looking at the attachments...
    (Steve) Ah, I remember that, but I would say it's not a trivial changes after FL...So let's fix the regression first. p=1 for me
    (Oleg) p=1
    (Oleg) It was just taken by Paco, so I'd be glad if we move this bug from our current sprint and let Paco to deal with it.

  • It's about truncated touch caret, maybe we can close it as duplicate of core bug that we've referenced to?
    (Steve) I think we should set duplicate to core bug
    (Oleg) Agree
  • This one is about truncated "!" icon for the invalid recipient, I see other weird behaviour on flame with recipient panel, it have kind of unwanted transition when panel goes up and down, looks like platform bug. Only after this transition icon becomes cut off. I saw not-so-old platform bugs that sound similar, but not the same. Maybe we need reduced test case for Firefox itself, I have wip on this test case (strange behavior only happens in FxOS browser though)
    (Steve) Luke already had reduced test case for it :) It will need 3 specific css styling to reproduce it
    (Oleg) Yeah, I mean in case they need very reduced for browser only :) For now let's wait if Luke's test case is enough for platform guys - I would be happy if so :)
    (Steve) Sure, let's track instead of putting in the list.
    (Oleg) Right

features for v2.2

  • small DSDS refresh for the send button, spec is not precise enough right now but Fang will probably answer today
    (Julien) it's not clear if it's part of the Thread View redesign, and as such is due for v2.1
    (Steve) Maybe we will uplift it as part of late refresh feature. or you think we should let julien finish it?
    (Oleg) mmm, I'm fine with both options, even if we move this to v2.2 only, don't see that it has big impact :)
    (Oleg) So it looks like p=1

  • (Steve) same as above, missing feature for 2.1
    (Oleg) Is it only about picture for group mms? In the latest spec from Fang, I also see that they promised to provide picture for the contact without photo assigned
    (Steve) Ya, I didn't see the default contact image in her latest attachment... So put the remaining 2 points to the below 2 items?
    (Oleg) Next one is probaly big, p=2, the last one is p=1 I think. Let's take Call button and we'll have one point left...
    (Steve) Ask their priority right away
    (Oleg) Wow, nice! Btw, we just got volunteer (Paco) for the report panel cropped icon ;) So we can move it from our sprint list :)
    (Steve) Ok , that would be nice. BTW she said this one is not confirmed yet, so we can spend our points for others. Maybe call button and DSDS end button.
    (Oleg) DSDS send button is probably p=1, we still have one point :)

  • Title is a bit misleading, looking at attachments it looks more like "Report panel visual refresh". Do you know if we have separate bug for VR or we can just rename this bug?
    (Steve) We are not going to land it for 2.1, so skip it first.
    (Oleg) Okay[p=1]

  • Display Call button in header
    p=1 ok![p=1] Bug 1059233 - [SMS] User cannot view the cropped image in SMS application and ActivityCanceled error was shown when try to view

  • I could reproduce it but have no time to check it yet. It seems not a ignorable issue, but might not related to message app.
    (Oleg) Yeah, we need to check this one
    (Steve) So one point for investigation first?
    (Oleg) Agree p=1 for investigation

  • Draft not updated in thread list view cross activity.
    (Oleg) Do you want to start doing something with it in this sprint?
    (Steve) Not sure, but seems previous one is more important