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ID Assigned to Summary Blocking b2g Whiteboard Resolution
963013 Oleg Zasypkin [:azasypkin] [Messages][Refresh] Update bubbles style and layout of the thread. --- [p=1] FIXED
963109 Steve Chung [:steveck] [Messages] Multi-recipient participants view should show back button instead of cross one --- [p=1][not-part-of-initial-sprint] FIXED
990537 Julien Wajsberg [:julienw] (PTO -> Jul 24) [DSDS] Messaging. Apply Visual Refresh to DSDS scenarios. --- [p=2] FIXED
1003820 Steve Chung [:steveck] [Messages] Recipients container grows without limit breaking the layout 2.0+ [p=1] FIXED
1008127 Pavel Ivanov [:ivanovpavel][:pivanov] UX [Messages][Refresh] Subject handling in the Composer --- [sprint2 p=3][sprint3 p=2][not-part-of-initial-sprint] FIXED
1008890 Oleg Zasypkin [:azasypkin] [Messages] Thread carrier header isn't localized correctly right after language switch --- [p=1][not-part-of-initial-sprint] FIXED
1010093 Steve Chung [:steveck] [Message] Visual refresh for delivery/read report icon in thread view --- [p=1] FIXED
1011654 Oleg Zasypkin [:azasypkin] [B2G][SMS]Opening the messages app after sending a message from the Call log causes the sent notification sound to occur a second time 1.4+ [p=1] FIXED
1013295 Oleg Zasypkin [:azasypkin] [Messages] Migrated messages don't have a proper sentTimestamp 1.4+ [p=1] FIXED
1015867 Julien Wajsberg [:julienw] (PTO -> Jul 24) [Messages] The editable composer should take more space 2.0+ [sprint2 p=2][sprint3 p=1] FIXED
1017018 Oleg Zasypkin [:azasypkin] [Messages] Bug 963018 regresses the localizability of the "To:" string in the recipient panel 2.0+ [p=1][not-part-of-initial-sprint] FIXED

11 Total; 11 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


  • Date: 26th May 2014
  • Location:
  • Attending: Steve Schung, Julien Wajsberg, Aleh Zasypkin

julienw: "I suggest we keep p=10 this time; I think we can do more generally but it will be a smaller sprint because I'm not here at the end of this week and the workweek will take time from you next week"
julienw: "say +1 if you agree :)"
azasypkin: "+1 :)"
schung: "+!"
julienw: ";)"
julienw: "oki"
julienw: "the buglist is at"
julienw: "I think we should take visual refresh bugs first"
julienw: "even if you started working on blockers, visual refresh is more important for this sprint"
azasypkin: "ok"
julienw: "I don't know which order to use :)"
azasypkin: "mmm this meta Bug 951672 depends only on single bug 963013 "
firebot: "Bug nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, [meta][Messages][Refresh] Thread. Update layout to new design"
firebot: "Bug nor, --, 2.0 S2 (23may), azasypkin, ASSI, [Messages][Refresh] Update bubbles style and layout of the thread."
julienw: "nope, it depends on 2 bugs, but the other one is resolved"
azasypkin: "does this meta requires something more ?"
azasypkin: "*require*"
julienw: "I think bug 963018 and bug 963013 should be the first ones, because they've started already "
firebot: "Bug nor, --, 2.0 S2 (23may), joan.leon, NEW, [Messages][Refresh] Update styles of the Composer"
julienw: "(as last week, I'll take notes and do the bug changes after the meeting)"
schung: "Do we need to reassign bug 963018 first?"
julienw: "it's nearly finished, I'd just want to clarify something with Victoria"
julienw: "arnau1 said joan would finish it"
schung: "ok"
julienw: "so maybe we can keep it out of the sprint"
julienw: "bug 963013"
julienw: "azasypkin, maybe you can give an update of what's left to do in this bug ?"
julienw: "(so that we can estimate)"
azasypkin: "sure, I think it should p=1, I picked it up, and fixing comments you've left for Joan"
azasypkin: "p=1 if all requirements are covered and we need just to pass code review :)"
julienw: "so we already had 1 review cycle"
julienw: "oki that works for me too"
julienw: "schung, ?"
schung: "sounds ok"
julienw: "bug 1008127: pavel did a patch already but needs some JS code from us"
firebot: "Bug nor, --, 2.0 S2 (23may), pivanov, ASSI, [Messages][Refresh] Subject handling in the Composer"
julienw: "there is how the subject is done, but also how the character counter and the "MMS" text is done"
julienw: "currently, character counter and MMS are done in pure CSS (which is not good for "MMS" because it's currently now localizable)"
julienw: "*not"
julienw: "so in this bug we need to change this to a real element, so that it can be moved more freely"
julienw: "so we need to estimate both the JS part (do it + review) + the CSS review from pavel's patch"
julienw: "say "ready" when you're ready to estimate"
schung: "may I know who will work on the js part? pavel?"
julienw: "no, one of us"
julienw: "so when you are ready, just say it :)"
azasypkin: "ok, ready, more or less clear what effort it is"
julienw: "schung, ready for you too ?"
schung: "probably 3 for me"
julienw: "I'd say 3 as well"
azasypkin: "agree"
julienw: "okay"
julienw: "noted"
julienw: "bug 990518 ?"
firebot: "Bug nor, --, 2.0 S3 (6june), nobody, NEW, [Messaging][Visual Refresh] Keyboard suggestions should update messaging composer layout."
julienw: "in comment 10 I added the work to do"
julienw: "I hope it's clear enough"
julienw: "tell me when you're ready"
schung: "I think 1st requirement is not possible IMHO...."
julienw: "yes, I think so, we need to discuss with Victoria"
julienw: "I mean, yes I think like you"
azasypkin: "what these 8px and 3px are about exactly? distance between what and what? :)"
julienw: "it's basically the "input" bottom margin"
julienw: "if victoria insists, we can do something like: look up the settings first, and if the focus is in the composer, we know we'll have the suggestions, and so we can change the css"
julienw: "actually this can be possible"
azasypkin: "do we have suggestion panel visible only when at least one char is entered?"
azasypkin: "and hidden if nothing is entered?"
julienw: "I htink we have it as soon as we have the focus"
julienw: "otherwise the app would move :)"
julienw: "it would not be nice"
azasypkin: "ok"
azasypkin: "and my last dumb question :) what is the case when input isn't focused but keyboard is visible, is it when we edit recipient for example?"
julienw: "yep"
julienw: "and in that case we have no suggestion"
azasypkin: "got it, thanks"
julienw: "maybe in that bug we can try to start using the helper SettingsListener too"
julienw: "ready to estimate ?"
azasypkin: "just a sec, and what about the second part of the bug?"
azasypkin: "the first one about the input bottom margin related to suggestion"
julienw: "the second is that the max height should also depends on the available space"
julienw: "I think it's quite easy to do using the vh unit, schung already did it for the recipients panel"
schung: "But I didn't see any detail spec for the max height"
julienw: "yes there is one"
julienw: "let me find it"
julienw: "maybe we need to split this bug in half"
julienw: "tell me if you'd prefer this"
julienw: " for the composer"
firebot: "Bug nor, --, ---, nobody, NEW, [meta] Messaging Visual Refresh"
julienw: "and for the thread, there is not one for the refresh because it's like the previous behavior"
julienw: "we need to see the thread so the composer should not take all space"
julienw: "I'll find out how much we need to keep"
julienw: "do you want that we split the bug then ?"
schung: "I think we should"
julienw: "oki"
julienw: "I'll file a new one for the max height"
julienw: "let's focus on the keyboard suggestion right now"
schung: "And we can just ping vicky on the new bug for max height in thread view"
julienw: "yes"
schung: "Maybe 2 for suggestion because we are not 100% sure that spying on settings it will work"
schung: "And 1 for max height"
julienw: "I'd say 2 and 2"
julienw: "because we don't have the precise spec for max height yet"
azasypkin: "+1 for keyboard suggestion, and can't estimate "max-height" as not sure how it's done currently :)"
julienw: "it used to be done in JS only"
julienw: "and it was removed in bug 949457 "
firebot: "Bug nor, P2, 2.0 S1 (9may), borja.bugzilla, VERI FIXED, Make Compose into a flex layout"
julienw: "so p=2 for keyboard suggestion we all agree on this"
julienw: "and for max height, schung, what do you think? p=1 or p=2 then ? :)"
schung: "I think both fine for me"
schung: "Maybe 2 would be safer?"
julienw: "oki"
julienw: "let's do 2 then"
julienw: "next one, should we do the dsds refresh ? bug 990537"
firebot: "Bug nor, --, ---, schung, NEW, [DSDS] [Meta] Messaging. Apply Visual Refresh to DSDS scenarios."
azasypkin: "this one looks like a big one, have we already done something on it?"
azasypkin: "or I just haven't used 2 sims simultaneously yet :)"
julienw: "you haven't used 2 sims yet ;)"
azasypkin: "right :)"
schung: ":D"
julienw: "I think we won't do the INBOX part, since we don't have it currently"
julienw: "I think the "SIM in the button" style has regressed too, so this is maybe not only a style change"
julienw: "or at least a bigger style change with some debugging involved"
julienw: "to me it's at least p=2, maybe p=3"
julienw: "I also wonder if we should actually keep bug 990518 out of this sprint because it's a lot of work for a very small improvement"
firebot: "Bug nor, --, 2.0 S3 (6june), nobody, NEW, [Messaging][Visual Refresh] Keyboard suggestions should update messaging composer layout."
schung: "Some of the jobs are done with bb refresh, I think 2 is fine"
julienw: "oki"
julienw: "azasypkin, do you want to estimate the dsds scenario ?"
schung: "for bug 990518, +1"
azasypkin: "julienw, just saw "current"-"new" comparison spec, think p=2 is fine"
julienw: "oki great !"
julienw: "do you agree for keeping bug 990518 out of the sprint?"
azasypkin: "yes, if it was difficult for me to understand what is actually needed than it's that noticeable :)"
azasypkin: "*it's not that*"
julienw: ":o)"
julienw: "so we have 4 points left"
julienw: "should we discuss bug 1003820?"
firebot: "Bug nor, --, 2.0 S2 (23may), schung, NEW, [Messages] Recipients container grows without limit breaking the layout"
julienw: "IMO this is a p=1, but I think we need to wait for bug 963018 before moving forward"
firebot: "Bug nor, --, 2.0 S3 (6june), joan.leon, NEW, [Messages][Refresh] Update styles of the Composer"
schung: "Oh I almost missed that, but does it really need to blocked by 963018?"
julienw: "the problem is that we currently do a max-height measurement depending on what's currently on master"
julienw: "but bug 963018 may change all this"
julienw: "I mean the measurement is done to the pixel"
schung: "It would be fine ff we could have a clear spec first(about the max-height of compose)"
schung: "So it should be blocked by the spec ;)"
julienw: "mmm actually the spec did not change here"
julienw: "but ok, I understand, you'd like to know how much space we need to leave at the bottom"
julienw: "it depends on bug 990518 too, right ;)"
firebot: "Bug nor, --, 2.0 S4 (20june), nobody, NEW, [Messaging][Visual Refresh] Keyboard suggestions should update messaging composer layout."
julienw: "or more importantly, if we do bug 990518, we need to remember to update the max height too"
julienw: "ok I'll needinfo victoria on the bug"
schung: "ya, that's all I need to know"
julienw: "NI raised :)"
julienw: "should we estimate then ?"
gsvelto: "julienw, closing the navigation bug generated an explosion of bugmail, time to look at dependent bugs :-)"
julienw: ":D"
schung: "1 is fine since patch is already given"
julienw: "1 is fine to me too"
julienw: "azasypkin, ?"
azasypkin: "sure, p=1 as patch is already in place"
julienw: "bug 1010093 ?"
firebot: "Bug nor, --, 2.0 S3 (6june), schung, NEW, [Message] Visual refresh for delivery/read report icon in thread view"
julienw: "schung, do you think this one is ready to be worked on ?"
schung: "yes, the image asset is comfirmed"
julienw: "ok"
julienw: "so wht's needed to do in this bug ?"
julienw: "only change the images, or more ?"
schung: "changes the images and some js part for showing the read status(we using the same icon for delivery/read status originally)"
julienw: "oki"
julienw: "not much still"
julienw: "I'd say p=1 for this one"
schung: "should be not much, 1 is ok"
azasypkin: "1"
julienw: "oki"
julienw: "now I think we should have a look to the blockers that were started last sprint"
julienw: "we won't take new ones but we should at least finish these ones"
julienw: "bug 1013295, bug 1011654, bug 891344"
firebot: "Bug nor, --, ---, azasypkin, ASSI, [Messages] Migrated messages don't have a proper sentTimestamp"
firebot: "Bug nor, --, 2.0 S2 (23may), azasypkin, ASSI, [B2G][SMS]Opening the messages app after sending a message from the Call log causes the sent notific"
firebot: "Bug nor, --, 2.0 S3 (6june), schung, NEW, [SMS/MMS] When storage is low with "Device space low" message displayed on status bar, device can't "
julienw: "(last one is special, ok)"
azasypkin: "the first two are in review"
julienw: "I think p=1 for bug 1013295 and bug 1011654,"
azasypkin: "yes"
schung: "+1 because patch is there"
julienw: "and we're at p=12 for the sprint"
julienw: "so we should stop here"
julienw: "if we want bug 891344 we need to remove something"
julienw: "and honestly I think that everything we have is more important"
julienw: "what do you think ?"
schung: "+1 because system already show up the notification when storage low, and that makes this bug not that important "
azasypkin: "I think the same, anyway we can pick it up if we have free hands during sprint, it's not that critical"
julienw: "oki"
julienw: "last thing: schung you're assigned to a lot of the bugs for this sprint, I think you should unassign :)"
julienw: "for example i can take the dsds bug"
schung: "feel free to take if you are not busy on other important task :D"
julienw: "oki"
schung: "But for the dsds bug, I only see some font/color or other minor styling change on the spec, we may need to take a look again if there is anything missing "
schung: "Anything else for the planing?"
julienw: "nope it's finished !"
julienw: "thanks to all !"
julienw: "it was quite longer than epected too"
julienw: "I hope we'll go faster when we'll get used to it"
schung: "ya it is, thanks you, too!"
azasypkin: "thanks guys! see you"