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Sprint is from August 12th -> August 24th (called FxOS-S5) (2 weeks)

Velocity: [p=8]


  • Julien: no PTO for me
  • Steve: Might have half day PTO to deal with some private matters
  • Oleg: don't have any planned PTO for the following two weeks

=> I roughly counted p=8 (9 days * 3 devs - 0.5 PTO) / 2 points * 0.6 (velocity)

from current sprint [p=3]
Bug 1169576 - [Messages][NG] Implement Conversation service: method for retrieving of all threads

(Oleg) What changed here from the last discussion: added trick to support several app instances and added ~30-40% of unit tests. So spent about 1 point here.
(Julien) so how much left ? I'd say p=3 is still safer -- including our reviews.
(Oleg) Yeah, I want to investigate how we can switch between this service and master in the scope of this bug as well.
(Steve) p=3 is good. [p=2]
Bug 1184865 - [Messages][NG] Replace some methods in MessageManager with messaging service in conversation view

(Steve) except the timeout issue, I think there's not much things I need to add. Not sure how would think about the timeout(Increase current timeout/file bug later or ask wilson or someone to add timeout ignore feature first)
(Julien) we can't land with this timeout, as I encountered it with my first try with a small MMS (a subject, no attachment) in a place with good data. So we need a way to disable it.
(Steve) Ok, it seems not a difficult feature. Maybe I can contribute to it.
(Julien) yeah maybe, this could make things move faster :)
(Julien) I'd say p=2 to account for the timeout issue, unless wilson can do it quickly.
(Oleg) Yeah p=2 sounds good to me as well.
(Julien) ok so I can file a separate bug for the timeout and count 1 for each ?
(Steve) ok for me [p=3]
Bug 818000 - Figure out how to fix system messages for us

(Oleg) It sounds a bit unclear... do we have some plans what we want to try?
(Julien) yeah; the latest plan is _not_ service workers because we won't have it, but the last proposal in comment 53. Also maybe I should just remove some of my points from this sprint because it's difficult to estimate this as part of the SMS team. ?
(Steve) Or just set more points for this one?
(Julien) yeah, it's the same :) up to you. But we really need to work on this so I want to include it in the sprint, this is blocking us. Only 3 points left BTW :) so better put p=3 here.
(Oleg) mm, don't we want to include "[Messages][Drafts] Remove the draft saving/replacing action menu" ? :) If we still want, then just 2 points left
(Steve) Maybe we can have a runnable/testable WIP for this sprint(since we might not be able to review this patch, it's safer to estimate without any test or review effort)
(Julien) I think my all sprint will be on this + review your patches :) so time available for bug 1176976 is more related to how much time bug 1169576 will need from you Oleg; IMO bug 1169576 is more important and has higher priority, while the draft bug is more a nice to have.
(Oleg) Okay, as agreed below, we have p=3 for this bug.
Bug 1179628 - [Messages][NG] Lay out Settings service structure
Bug 1180592 - [Messages][NG] mozMobileConnections shim Implementation
Bug 1176976 - [Messages][Drafts] Remove the draft saving/replacing action menu

(Oleg) Rebased yesterday, re-tested, but found one issue with the edge case when user removes all messages from conversation that contains draft - asked UX, not sure, maybe can be handled in follow-up - I see it doesn't work on master as well, but still good to be fixed in v2.5 as it sometimes blocks user in the conversation view after removing all messages - should be easy to fix I think.
(Julien) I think we have a separate bug for this already -- or I remember we talked about it. If it doesn't work in master I think it's fine to handle in a follow-up.
(Oleg) Okay, will ask for review in the meantime then.
(Julien) found, tell me if that's the same
(Oleg) Mmm, nope, the issue I saw on master is that when you removed all messages you're asked to replace/delete draft and when you tap on replace, nothing happens (smth like recipients is null exception is thrown somewhere, will check today). Ah sorry, just read title, reading comments now....
(Julien) isn't it the same ? :) ah I got that in your case it's broken, while in the case of this bug it was not broken, just confusing behavior. But same or similar STR, right ?
(Oleg) Right, just STR are the same :) It ( will be fixed I think once my patch and Steve's patch for active thread will be landed (currently we use to retrieve thread info before saving draft, but in this case thread has been deleted we don't have access to participants to save to the draft, and IIRC with Steve's patch will have local copy of this active thread in ConversationView even that Threads doesn't contain it already).
(Oleg) So since it's ready for review and even if decide to include the fix for this edge case p=1 should be enough.
(Steve) Not 100% sure that the removal patch will fix this issue, will take a look later. And p=1 is fine without this case.
(Oleg) Yeah, I just briefly skimmed through the patch some days ago - maybe I'm wrong.
(Oleg) Julien does p=1 sound good for you?
(Julien) yeah I think p=1 is ok for this one; just wondering if we should include it... but I know you'll do it anyway :p
(Oleg) maybe not, I was wondering that we have all this "replace draft" after navigation patch, but I can do it out of sprint anyway :) Yeah, it's hard to rebase once again :)
(Julien) I'd like that we try to do less "out of sprint", as the result of this is that we don't finish what we plan for sprints.
(Oleg) No worries, it's for "slow" moments, so yeah let's not include and put p=3 for system messages.
(Julien) OK

blockers [2.5+] [skip]
Bug 1160049 - [Messages] Attach menu should not dismiss when user cancel the replace attachment request

(Julien) let's skip again, not urgent, not risky [skip?]
Bug 1178712 - [Message]When we launch Message from a contact details view for the second time, device does not enter the compose view, but enters a view where there is only a title "message".

(Julien) Same: not urgent, let's skip ?
(Steve) BTW it's not 2.5+ anymore [2.5+]
Bug 1192263 - [Messages] We load Inbox before going to the notification conversation when app is run via notification click.

nominations [2.5?] [skip]
Bug 1149345 - [Messages][Threads] Images can be attached to incoming messages, and corrupt the thread it was originally meant for.

(Julien) This is not actionable, we need activity.cancel(). [2.5?]
Bug 1192754 - [Messages][a11y] Bug 1162030 regressed the panel visibility

features [2.5+]
Bug 1180470 - [Messages] Propose a setting to disable sending the read report
Bug 1161521 - Do not spam the user with error messages
Bug 1180470 - [Messages] Propose a setting to disable sending the read report