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Sprint is from August 25th -> September 7th (called FxOS-S6) (2 weeks)

Velocity: [p=6]


  • Julien: PTO 2nd -> 9th (2nd -> 7th in the sprint, 4 days) + hacking day
  • Steve: Offsite team building(8/26, one day)
  • Oleg: PTO 2nd -> 4th September (3 days) + hacking day

=> I roughly counted p=6 (10 days * 3 devs - 10 PTO) / 2 points * 0.6 (velocity)

From current sprint [p=0]
Bug 1169576 - [Messages][NG] Implement Conversation service: method for retrieving of all threads

(Oleg) Reviewed, but can't land due to broken Gij.
(Julien) I think we can keep this out of the sprint if it's ready to land once Gij is OK
(Oleg) Sure [p=2]
Bug 818000 - Figure out how to fix system messages for us

(Julien) I'll continue working on this during my available time, so maybe take 2 points?
(Oleg) I see it as important one, so I'm ok with everything that is ok for you :)
(Steve) I can't estimate this one correctly, so I'm fine with anything you said.
(Julien) current status is: it kind of works but has issues and maybe broke some use cases.
(Oleg) So I'm for 2 or even 3 points here
(Julien) 3 points is not realistic because I'll be away nearly 1 week and you won't continue my work likely :) I'd take 1.5 points if we could do this.
(Oleg) Heh, yes, it would be hardly efficient if we continue your work :)
(Julien) on the long run, it would, but not in short term :p (I'm a big proponent of working in different parts of the project :) )
(Oleg) Totally agree, I just meant for this sprint :)
(Julien) BTW (I'll remove this line afterwards in the wiki) I think of proposing to Francisco that all the comms team work on all comms apps (we're too small to segregate per app). Don't know what you think ? Or maybe only after 2.5.
(Oleg) I thought that Francisco always waited for such proposition :D I'm totally fine with this, apps not that big and it's useful to always have someone with knowledge handy. Because of NGA, yes likely after 2.5 once we put NGA SMS in our control, right now nobody really has time for other apps :)
(Steve) It's fine for me, but not sure that how deep we'll be involved in other apps. I remember we always need to solved other app's bug when schedule is tight. Maybe we need some clear plan about how this works? Something like app rotation per release.
(Julien) my thoughts is that we'll have likely 1 or 2 new hires and it will be easier if everybody work on all apps. (when I say "all apps" I mean "all comms apps")
Bug 1179628 - [Messages][NG] Lay out Settings service structure [p=2]
Bug 1180592 - [Messages][NG] mozMobileConnections shim Implementation

(Steve) I'll simply focus on sim switch case in this patch(basically there's only 2 methods in shim: simSwitch and getServiceIdByIccId)
(Julien) OK ! do you think anything else needed ? Do you also think you'll use the methods in the application code already ?
(Steve) Yeah
(Julien) OK then there is enough work for 2 points, maybe 3 ?
(Steve) Maybe 2 is fine
(Julien) good for me.
Bug 1176976 - [Messages][Drafts] Remove the draft saving/replacing action menu

(Oleg) In review, can be done in background as previously. [p=2]
Bug 1198266 - Use ConversationService in the application

(Oleg) I was planning to somehow integrate ConversationService into master, this involves profiling with WebIDE that I've already started to look at. For now I see something weird with gaia-header, mutations in l10n, getThreads.onsuccess->continue "uninterruptible" cycle (can't find better name :)).
(Julien) I think it's important to continue this work; this is where there is the most uncertainty.
(Julien) do we take p=2 for this sprint ? I think we won't likely finish here but at least have possible solutions at the end of the sprint ?
(Oleg) Yep, p=2 sounds good to me. And yep I'm planning to have possible solutions so that we can choose from more or less acceptable options.
(Steve) Yeah, we can create a follow up bug and keep tracking the perf measuring there(and not necessary to be fixed in this sprint)
Bug 1185604 - [Meta][Messages][NG] Implement Drafts service

(Oleg) I was thinking to start working on this service as well, but it depends on "Bug 1176976 - [Messages][Drafts] Remove the draft saving/replacing action menu"), so likely not actionable right now.