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Design Specs

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Consumption controls

  • TF req: User can quickly adjust connectivity settings to enable/disable mobile data usage.
    • Mobile data on/off

Consumption/Cost monitoring

  • TF req: A additional component of the utility tray that enables the user to monitor pre-paid credit and usage.
    • User can monitor remaining credit
    • User can top up with a purchased code


  • User can set reset for consumption limits manually or on a scheduled basis
  • Telephony & Messaging
    • User can track incoming and outgoing voice minutes
    • User can track incoming and outgoing sms and mms messages
  • User can adjust warning thresholds for consumption limits
  • User can track data consumption totals (eg: Android's Settings > Data Usage feature)
  • User can track data consumption (both total, and per-app)
  • User can limit data consumption (both total, and per app)
  • User can be warned when close to the limits
  • User can be given data consumption options (eg: purchase more minutes via link to carrier site, etc)

Credit control

  • TF req: Ability for user to purchase additional credit in several ways
  • TF req: Ability for user to gift credits to another account

In application controls

Service usage may be further adjusted by in-application settings.

  • Wi-fi only toggles
    • restrict applications data usage to wifi only