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  • Stage: Planning
  • Release target: ?


  • UX: Patryk Adamczyk (IRC: patryk)
  • UX: Josh Carpenter (IRC: jcarpenter)
  • Eng: ?


  • Web apps are a different 'use' of content. What are legal implications?
  • What are the use cases where DRM could be deployed?
  • What are implications of international?
  • What are we supporting for phase 1?
  • What are UX implications?

UX Requirements

Last updated: Mar 28, 2012 (Patryk Adamczyk)


User-facing component of Content protection scheme (applied to rights managed media).


  • Completely transparent to the user, however if the user needs to be notified...
    • License notifications when license is region locked or expires, status and possibility decisive prompts will need to be displayed
    • Badging on content that is DRM locked (DRM disabled, DRM locked badges)