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  • UX: Larissa Co
  • Dev: ?
  • B2G: Andreas Gal
  • B2G: Chris Jones


  • Firefox UX: Zhenshuo Fang
  • Identity UX: Crystal Beasley
  • Identity Product Manager: open
  • Identity Eng: Ben Adida


  • Do we require users to intermittently re-enter Persona passwords? ala iTunes App Store
  • Do we leave Sync, Import and Device Backup requirements for later releases?
  • What are sign out / multiple accounts processes? eg: How does my sister log into her Facebook, on my phone?

Design Documents

  • Sign-in/Registration Flows v1 (Apr 27, 2012)
    • Draft of walk-throughs (mp4 format) for creating or signing into a Persona Account, and some error cases.
  • wireframes v1 (Apr 25, 2012)
    • Initial exploration of Persona requirements for B2G

UX Notes

Patryk, I started this from Thursday March 22 notes...

Chris Jones said (Thursday March 22)

  • Identity pieces should be top priority. It's big piece of our platform differentiator, commitment to partners, and UX.
  • Initial roll-out: Persona with Marketplace.
    • Will need to implement Persona account creation.
    • Need to work on flows. eg: First run: Sign In [or] Create new account.
    • Can setup secondary service. Allows user to setup secondary accounts. Verify any email account. May be business case. Should clarify this section... didn't quite understand.
  • Will support identity tied to phone number (SIM card). Will be able to sign into site through device...
    • Phone would know you even on first run, mobile transactions could be facilitated, etc. Thanks to secure, and trusted connection with carrier.
    • Enables carriers to implement carrier billing. And creates more seamless experience for users.
    • Carriers then want to grow that billing system off mobile, onto desktop. Via Firefox. You initiate identity session on Firefox. Carrier sends you text msg to phone, you type into desktop, and you've established trusted connection with desktop (?)
    • Could lock data to identity.
  • Next steps: everything still up in air. Chris Jones can put us in touch with the right people.

Partner Notes

Creation and management user personas and any meta data associated. persona identification with singular id's possibly keyed to phone/sim card, browserId & marketplace.


  • multiple device and persona management
  • persona creation