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  • UX: Casey Yee (@cyee)
  • Dev: Fabien Cazenave (IRC: kaze)
  • Eng: Vivien Nicolas (IRC: vingtetun)
  • Eng: Zbigniew Braniecki (Github)
  • Eng: Tim Dream (keyboard)


UX Requirements

Last updated: July 3, 2012 (Larissa Co)

Apps and System Components which are affected by localization

(This may not be a complete list, but is as much as I can come up with.)

Date / Time

  • Any app that allows filtering by date or time string
  • Any app that presents definite date / time labels
    • Calendar
    • Email / Messaging
    • Call Log
    • Notifications tray
  • Any building block that presents or allows date/time entry
    • time pickers (12 or 24 hour formats)
    • date pickers
  • Date / Time -specific apps & system components
    • Clock
    • Home / Lock Screen (If date and time are displayed)
    • System Bar (If date and time are displayed)

Language Orientation (This section needs review)

  • Button placement on Alerts, Dialogs, Entry Sheets
    • the primary button position switches sides
  • Screen navigation in a hierarchy or non-looping carousel
    • screens move left to right for LTR languages
    • screens move right to left for RTL languages
  • Single-line controls with descriptive text (e.g. a text label + on/off switch)
    • The text always comes before the control, based on the reading direction


  • Number/Symbols Keyboard

Other considerations

  • Date, Time & Currency formats
    • Varies by Region.
  • Language
    • LTR and RTL
  • Localized Imagery for Regions
    • Needs to be defined in greater detail

Design Specs

For the latest UX specifications, please visit